Diablo Retail Channel Still Bugged


Blizzard please fix it!


Blizzard Classic Games is not the development team for this game. Like you were told here, you want to contact GoGs as they are the development team now. They have the game code now, not Blizzard.


Nice trolling. But I will clarify some points here anyway.

  1. GoG doesn’t have the game code. Hence why the EXE of the GoG Enhanced version is just the original EXE with binary modifications on it.

  2. GoG doesn’t own/operate the Battle Net servers. Blizzard does. This issue exists on the Battle Net servers.


I wasn’t trolling, I was trying to help you. You saying I was trolling, is trolling. You were told by Blizzard staff to contact GoGs to see if they can fix it. Have you contacted them? If so what did they say?


The answer to your question is in that thread you linked.

EDIT: Not trolling


I’m not trolling at all. I just didn’t read your follow response. My bad and good luck.


Ok sorry and NP : )