Diablo Remake/Reimagining?

I’m sure this has been discussed many times and I would like to apologize in advance. :grin:

I love the original Diablo. I’ve played it a dozen times at least. It would be amazing if it was massively redone to make it an exceptional chapter to the Diablo Franchise. I know the rights are retained (Could be wrong) and I am hopeful that there is a way around it. Several new Acts such as Westmarch could be included before Khanduras to assist with the downfall of the Lord of Terror. I have faith that Blizzard could execute such an overhaul. Scenarios that transpired before Aidan and the mercenaries arrived in the town of Tristram. Perhaps these characters could be NPC’s while the player(s) have a totally different perspective that will take them on a unique journey. I’m certain it can be done. There’s a multitude of ways that would make it beneficial to old and new gamers alike. The classic would be a nostalgic experience and fresh, if done correctly with a brand new take on it. I’m sure I’m not the only one here. I await your input. Positive or negative. Huge fan! :laughing: