Diablo Prime Evil Collection Upgrade is priced incorrectly?

I think the Prime Evil Collection Upgrade is priced incorrectly. Here’s the page - Diablo II: Resurrected™ - Diablo II: Resurrected | Battle.net

I already own all D3 content on the store - D3 vanilla, D3: RoS, D3: RoS special edition and D3: Necromancer, so I’m baffled by the pricing i’m seeing for the Prime Evil Collection upgrade. D2:R standalone is priced at $39.99. Diablo Prime Evil Collection (standalone) is priced at $59.99 (includes D2:R and D3: Eternal collection). Diablo Prime Evil Collection (upgrade) is listing as $49.99 for me, but that doesn’t make any sense! I own all the D3 content in D3 Eternal collection, so essentially I am only paying for D2:R, right? But buying the Prime Evil Collection (upgrade) I would pay $10 more than purchasing D2:R standalone? Either the price of the upgrade is wrong or am I crazy?


I agree. Either something is messed up or the way they are presenting it is confusing.

Out of curiosity, If you select the upgrade and click “Buy” (it won’t buy it immediately, so it’s safe to click), what does the adjusted price say for you?

For me it was the other way around. I didn’t own any of the D3 content included in the Prime Evil Collection, so

  1. Before I bought anything, the upgrade said $49 (like you are seeing). However, with nothing bought yet, it should be the equivalent of the Prime Evil Collection but it’s listed as $59.
  2. I bought just the stand alone Resurrected for the $39
  3. In the shop, the upgrade changed to $15, which means the remaining $15 is the price for all the D3 content (RoS, Necro, pet, wings).
  4. Add the standalone Resurrected $39 and the D3 stuff $15 and that’s $54. But again, the Prime Evil Collection is $59.

And none of that works out to the $49 that the upgrade shows as if nothing in the bundle is already owned.

In summary:

  • Resurrected = $39
  • D3 content = $15
  • Add Resurrected and D3 content (equivalent to the Prime Evil Collection) = $54
  • But, Prime Evil Collection = $59
  • What is the mysterious $49 for the Upgrade if one doesn’t own anything in the bundle?

After clicking ‘Buy Now’ it comes up on the payment screen still as $49.99, and just adds tax of $3.00.

Your situation seems even stranger! Hopefully someone can check this out.


Hi Skepticon,

I was wondering the same as you.

After reading the page a few time, the only thing I can think about it’s they charge for a pet and wings that are include in the Prime Evil Collection (in addition to Diablo 2 Ressurected and Diablo III Eternal collection)

At the end of the page, last bloc in the “Defeat Evil at its Prime” section

Bend Hatred to Your Will
The Diablo® Prime Evil Collection also includes the Mephisto pet and the fearsome wings, Hatred’s Grasp, for Diablo III. Fight the denizens of the Burning Hells in style and be the envy of your party wherever you go.


Yes. It is really really confusing and I had to take some time to sort it out. Here is the breakdown as best as I can figure out. (USD)

  • Diablo® II: Resurrected™ $39.99 Contains
    – Diablo 2 and Diablo 2 LOD Resurrected only

  • Diablo ® Prime Evil Collection $59.99
    – All Diablo 3 Content (D3, RoS, Necro)
    – D2R (Diablo 2 and LOD resurrected)
    – Special D2R wings and pet

  • Diablo ® Prime Evil Collection Upgrade
    – Same as above but it will adjust the price based on how much of the Diablo 3 content or D2R content you have.

So that works out to be

  • D2R $39.99
  • D2R Cosmetics $10
  • All D3 content $10

Trouble is, for me, the prices don’t add up that way.

  • D2R $39
  • D3 content (RoS, Necro, cosmetics) $15

So something is messed up.


How much of D3 do you have? Do you have base, RoS, and Necro?

I have All D3 + D2R and that leaves me with $10 left to upgrade to the “cosmetics” package.

I have just D3 and nothing else.

So starting there, the Upgrade said $49. I assume the Upgrade adjusted from $59 down to $49 (suggesting that D3 alone = $10).

So now I buy D2R. $49-$39=$10 remaining for the remaining RoS, Necro and cosmetics. However, you said that cosmetics alone are showing as $10. Plus, the Upgrade is says $15 for me.

I can only assume that in the Prime Evil Collection, something has a $5 discount for buying the bundle. For example, perhaps D2R is discounted from $39 to $34.


  • Bundle = $59
  • I own only D3 so Upgrade adjusts down to $49 (suggesting that D3 by itself is $10)
  • I buy D2R at a discounted $34
  • Upgrade adjusts to $49-$34 = $15
  • Leaving RoS, Necro, and cosmetics to split that $15.
  • According to what you see in your shop, the cosmetics are $10
  • Ros and Necro are $5?

Correct. That is my current conclusion. It is also based on how the pricing for D3 has been. They basically assign no value to D3 base. RoS and Necro still had value and are charged for.

There is no discount - D2R if a flat cost.

Something is discounted somewhere. Or else the numbers don’t add up.

Like I said, starting at $49, buying D2R put me at $15, meaning D2R was $34.


  • D2R $39.99
  • Cosmetics $10
  • D3 (base, RoS, Necro) $10*

*Base no cost, RoS $5 and Necro $5

That is how I THINK they have it.

The base appears to be $10 due to the adjustment (for me who owns only the base) from $59 down to $49 for the Upgrade . So the base has to have some amount of money in the bundle.

Same issue here. I was going to buy the upgrade because I want to own D2 and the extras. The upgrade says $49.99 for me and I own D3 with the Necromancer expansion and all content they have offered. When I go to check out it is still 49.99 plus tax. I’m guessing they charge full price for D2 39.99 and another $10 for “the Mephisto pet and Hatred’s Grasp wings for Diablo® III”

Correct. That is what several of us have figured out so far.

This has caused a lot of confusion, including to me. So this is what seems to be going on. Hopefully this helps.

Diablo® II: Resurrected™ Diablo ® Prime Evil Collection Diablo ® Prime Evil Collection Upgrade
Price $39.99 $59.99 Account Specific
D2R Cosmetics for D3 ($10) X X
D3 Bundle* ($10) X Checks for licences
* D3, RoS, Necro

Price breakdown (USD)

  • D2R $39.99
  • D2R Theme Cosmetics (for D3) $10
  • D3 packages $10

If you have any part of those three the “upgrade” will adjust price based off of the licenses on your Bnet account.

*Note: Reference to LOD in the Shop page means they resurrected LOD as well as base D2 as a bundle. You won’t have to buy a remastered LOD separately. It is NOT a new LOD 2001 license.



I have all content in D3
I have all content in D2

And only 10 Euro discount for upgrade version srsly (49,99)?

Sadge -.-


I have all Diablo 3 content, I bought the upgrade pack, paid £42.99, which if I got this correct means I paid £34.99 for Diablo 2R and I guess the remaining £8 for the wings?

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I’m in the EU. I purchased the upgrade and paid 49.99€ for it. I own all D3 content that can be purchased and understand I paid 10€ on top of the 40€ for D2R just for cosmetics. Am I right?

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I have a question:

If I already own D3 and the expansion pack, should I get the Diablo Prime Evil Upgrade that will include D2 Resurrected and D3 plus all the expansions, D2: Resurrected alone or the Diablo Prime Evil Collection? What is the best purchase?

What do you mean by Account Specific?

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Good question! I have no idea haha. I wish I knew too.