Diablo IV Login Queue Wait times

Was playing and got up to Lvl 9, then was disconnected from game. Now I have to wait over an hour to get back in? C’mon, guys!

I’m with you there, friend. Yeah… if this keeps up, they need to think about extending the initial beta because there’s too many of us locked into these long wait times.

ya i got to play for about 10 mins, made it to the first town, got kicked off the server, at character screen and tried to load in, told me my account was locked and to wait a few mins, waited then it kept erroring to try and load into the server.
Exited, got placed in a 4 min que, then went to log in, error, then closed out and now in a 21 min que. Its annoying but oh well. hopefully they’ll compensate or get issues fixed. otherwise what are betas for. to fix bugs and server test stability.