Diablo immortal shop error 14+11

each time i am trying buy battlepass or anything it says item order sucsses and i get email that order made.
but i never get the item… i get errors 14 follow up by error 11
those r my 2 tickets
Ticket Number: EU83351894
Ticket Number: EU83226350

it seems gms r unable to help and they have no clue what 2 do. they even try give me 630 orbs as compensation for waiting so long to get my order i still did not get, but even the orbs i can not get they r sending to me ;O

I bought Magnate’s Supplies for 49.99 through battle.net and it charged my card but i didn’t get rewards restarting game didn’t work and it does not show in blizzard’s recent transactions but it does on my bank account.

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