Diablo Immortal Rifts, AND charms?

Hey, so I bought some random charms with the little currency I forget what it’s called, and they’re all level locked at 56… all of them. So, that’s wack. Fix that please.

Next is rifts, it’s so freaking annoying trying to find a party, if I already have a couple of people, and the whole either merging or not merging process. I recommend that if you’re already in a party, that it doesn’t MATTER if you join a rift with another party. Just use your smart engineers to learn to differentiate the party you’re in for the normal gameplay of Diablo Immortal, and the party for the rift. It’s so dumb, I’m tired of waiting 50 hours when plenty of people are there for the rift, but people want to do stupid sht like cancel for no reason, or they want to decline, but they joined your party obviously… What you need to do is just forget the party system, and just que up first come first serve, unless you want to do a party specific, in which case you should allow a LIST to be created so that people who want to join certain other players can pick them from a list, that way you don’t have to join low level rifts if you’re high level. Another issue I see, is that I’ll have 3 people ready to go do rifts, and the last party member somehow tries to make me teleport to his location, when I’m already THERE, and then ANOTHER issue is freaking people who are turning the level 9 rift that I’m trying to do into some level 1 SOMEHOW, low level dungeon. How on earth does that work???

Rifts and elder rifts are cool, but those get confusing because there’s also Black Tower, which has like phases of dungeons, and they should allllll be lumped together and organized. I so much prefer the Black Tower because the rewards increase as you dungeon, elder rifts are lame with no loot, and regular rifts are too damn unorganized to be worth the time unless you have a perfect party of 4 that you made on your own away from the rift party selector. DAMN that’s a lot of words.