DIablo Immortal PC - often can't interact with items

Diablo: Immortal keeps getting into a state where I can’t click on quest NPCs to advance quest lines, on portals to exit instances, or on the Blacksmith, Jeweler, and other town NPCs. The mouse turns into a cogwheel but nothing happens. Sometimes waiting a maybe 30 seconds helps but usually the only way to fix it is to quit and restart the game.


Same Issue, cant click anything seems to become unresponsive randomly

Same here. Very annoying. So bad I have to close game every 5 minutes.

Update: It would seem that spamming your spells when you run into this issue will sometimes help. Its as if spells become stuck thus not allowing you to interact with anything. Hope this helps others!


This is happening to me every few minutes. Pressing Enter twice will fix it as long as you can access chat. If you are reading something and have to click to exit, then this won’t work. I’ve had to quit the game twice in the last 10 minutes because of this.


Happened to me several times as well…

Noticed that when it happens, whn pressing skills (numbers 1-4), a circle with a C in it, and an X on the edge of the circle appears on the right of the screen… no idea what it means.

I also have the same issue every few minutes when having highest graphic setting. After lower the setting to minium and untick all options, I havent encoutered the problem again, at least for today.

I encountered the problem all yesterday, the tests made are the following:

  • Reprogrammed the key (for interaction with objects, etc., practically of continuous use in the game, therefore an IMPORTANT key)
  • Closed and reopened the game
  • Check the files game
    NOTHING fixed.
    The easy BUT somewhat tedious solution is to just open the game settings, controller and close the window, it works for a few * CLICKS *.
    We hope that Blizzard solves it, unfortunately it is a FREE game so the wait is due!

Yeah I keep getting the same, I guess you have to give your credit card information and buy a certain pack to make this stop (I’m not even joking)

Thank you! This usually works and makes the game playable.

That’s to cancelled your abilities if you don’t wish to use it. You press C and it cancelled the ability selected

Channeling abilities is the trigger and it is bugging the selection with the cursor

Use to cancel your abilities

There is a bug on PC with channeling skills. Until you get the channeling to stop you are locked on to it. Whirlwind does it to me and I have to keep quick clicking it for a small spin to use other skills or talk to npc ect.

And cancel sucks. Mostly fails.

Same issue, cannot interact with items, NPCs, mobs, bosses, etc.

THANKS! the game is much more playable now.