Diablo Immortal not working on Samsung Tab A8

Hi, I recently purchased a Samsung Tab A8, as I had not seen anywhere that it was not compatible with Diablo Immortal.

Are there any fixes coming for this, when I try and start the game the graphics are all pixelated or just generally a total mess.

The game works perfectly on my android mobile phones with lower spec than the A8

If could get a response either way it would be much appreciated

It doesnt even download from Google Play for my recently purchased Samsung tablet, I feel your pain. I was hoping you would have gotten a response from Blizzard. Sigh…

From looking at similar posts no one has had any answers ftom blizzard support.
Pretty bad in my opinion

Hello @ All,

i have the same problem (what a wonder, sorry humor). I contact Blizzard and a GM tell me, i must look in the Diablo Immortal Forum.

Ok now? Im here and i see many peoples had the same problems!

Oh my God…

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