Diablo Immortal - iOS 17 Game Blocking Login Issue

Creating a new version of the very active thread (45 replies) tracking the urgent bug in Diablo Immortal that fully prevents login on some iOS 17 devices.

As we all know iOS 17 is publicly available today and unfortunately, despite raising this more than a month ago during the beta testing period, it was not prioritized until late last week.

@Blizzard Please let us when you have an update.

Please review original thread below:

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Any news? My phone updated and I am now locked out…

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Im locked out to since update today. :frowning:

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For 1 month this problem has been going on. I don’t understand how this problem can’t be solved in this time. There is no problem on the iPad, but there is a problem on the iphone. I really can’t understand sometimes. If they don’t care about the game, let them tell us and we’ll stop playing.

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I’m locked too, out to since update today.

So am I. Come on blizzard you knew about this a month ago. Please fix asap!!!

iOS17 installed automatically and I can’t get in. Locked out

Ive had a issue for a month now and they just brushed me off

Right… I can’t play for a month :clown_face:
I have to play on my old android xiaomi with 15FPS :clap:

Phone just automatically updated to iOS17 and now lucked out. Great. How can this not been fixed yet

I want to express my deep disappointment regarding the ongoing issue with Diablo Immortal, which first surfaced on August 8, 2023, coinciding with the release of iOS 17 beta 5.

Over the past several weeks, I have reached out to Blizzard on a weekly basis in an attempt to address and resolve this issue. Unfortunately, these efforts have gone unanswered. This lack of acknowledgment and engagement from Blizzard is disheartening and has left me frustrated and disillusioned as a dedicated player of Diablo Immortal.

As a loyal member of the Diablo Immortal community, I had hoped for a more responsive and proactive approach to resolving this issue from Blizzard. The continued absence of communication or progress on this matter is impacting my overall experience with the game and diminishing my enthusiasm for future interactions with the Diablo franchise.


I am locked out also as of yesterday. I spend money almost every day on di…. Blizzard why won’t you fix this issue so we can play.

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Welcome to ThunderDome Boiler. These clowns at Blizzard really care about their clients and line their pockets.

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You would think that they would have had this fixed by now since iPhones everywhere are updating to iOS17 as we speak.

Agreed. Why would a company give players means to communicate bugs, suggest enhancements, etc when they dont even reply with a status for system stability???

I’m locked out on my iPad Air 5 as of today.

iPhone 14 Pro Max here - I can’t login in after updating to iOS 17, This is the first time I missed a day in playing Diablo Immortal since its launch!

A letter from Sanctuary: VALONSEXTON, treasure awits in Ancients Cradle!! Come back to reap the rewards!!
Thank you

the same problem! cant log in on my device, IPHONE 14Pro iOS New 17!!!

I also encountered the same problem, but it was resolved after I use the new package updated on the App Store today.

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