Diablo immortal hero deleted

I’m 148 paragon level player in diablo immortal. I been playing since start and almost every day…My hero mas deleted 4 days ago not by me just went to play and hero was not there was deleted so I restored the hero and started playing… now it happen again my hero was deleted from server I did not do such thing just next day I try to play and is gone. when I try to restored back I cant restore the hero due I have to wait 3 days with 3 hrs. I bought the battle pass and boon of the plenty but if I’m not able to login and play I will loose my rewards.
The hero has been deleted, I know how to navigate from servers, I only have one hero and I’m in the correct server. I hope someone can help me with this issue, Thank You

I am having the exact same issue, I am unable to retrieve my hero even though I did not delete I hope this issue is fixed I am losing my awards due to you have to log in everyday to get them

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