Diablo Immortal crashes frequently

The game crashes a lot, rarely in the middle of playing but mostly when trying to login.

Usually it takes 3-5 attempts to login every time (i.e. after a crash mid play or getting disconnected or intentionally exiting the game).

The game crashes completely silently without Windows showing any kind of message or info.

The game also crashes silently without Windows (7 Home Premium SP1) doing anything, no kind of error message or such.

The game mostly crashes during the loading screen before the main menu or when trying to start playing, i.e. clicking anywhere but the designated other buttons (for some weird reason most of the screen serves as “continue” button). Normally going to the select server menu and then to “my heroes” and selecting one from there lets me login but it only works around 2/3 of the time.

Occasionally stuff like accessing a menu , e.g. the Bestiary or the Elder Rift or Challenge Rift menus, might also crash the game.

No crashes at all but at the very least, not having to spend 5-10 minutes trying to login every time I want to play (but please do not break the game to increase crashes that happen after playing for a while already.

My PC:
Windows 7 Home Premium SP1
16GB ram
1060 nVidia GeForce with 6GB Ram
i5 quadcore with 3.4GHz each
regular HD

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I have the same issue but on Windows 10 Pro and mostly when trying to do a payment while entering my password, or when I alt-tab a lot.

Hi i am a Gamer that Likes Diablo Immortal but the Beta is starting to get to me i have to adjusted the screen every time i load it up with my mouse and it crashes on me right after i log in to a server High Heavens like the game is wonderful but its starting to be a pain in the sides … but yah I Have Windows 11 pro Hp Laptop with 8gigs of Ram 1tb Hard drive with Ryzen 3 Vega bond it works smooth somedays and somedays it lags to a point i am getting annoyed with the game I barely play it now only if I am bored of other games i play but i never had this many issues since the start of the release of the game Diablo Immortal from GodxGinger i hope u guys get ur stuff right and fix this Problem or u will lose a free to play player very fast not Joking i almost wanted to spend a bit of money in the game but whats the point if the game Crashes all the time hope u guys FIX The Issues Thanks