Diablo immortal bug PC [EODNL] [EONAS]

I want to play Diablo immortal, but unfortunately it says that I have to update the client, and such an error of [EODNL] [EONAS] when trying to start the game on pc, can you help me? (already tried repairing the client, already tried uninstalling and installing dnv, already, reinstalled battle.net and nothing works)

estou querendo jogar diablo imortal, so q infelizmente fala que tenho q atualizar o cliente, e um tal erro de [EODNL] [EONAS] ao tentar iniciar o jogo no pc, vcs podem me ajudar? (já tentei reparar o cliente, ja tentei desinstalar e instalar dnv, já, reinstalei o battle.net e nada funciona)


Had it once or twice. I re-login to my account in the launcher and it seemed to fix it. I also had an instance when I got disconnected and game asked me to login to my account and it worked. Probably some troubles between client and game. PC

The same thing happens to me but I can’t find a solution


Mesmo erro nos servidores brasileiros! não encontro nenhuma solução

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same having issues logging in on PC saying connection issues , sequence issues

This game will not last long.

  1. The reward of Legendary crests and rare cheats are too little
  2. 90% of people would pay money frequently, the popularity will drop exponentially if you lose these money-less players
  3. Useless lengendary items cannot trade and change for creats.
  4. 90% players will eventually feel frustrated as there is no way to get legendary gems, charms for their build.
  5. Many skills and legendary items in this games are useless
  6. Too gem-dominant and again, players have too little source of getting these crests, this game will died.
  7. Continuous business is the way to win, or you just make everyone hate your brand, then your game will have no popularity anymore

Hey mates, i was having the same problem for 2-3 days. Then i checked my DNS and it was not auto. So i made my DNS auto and problem solved for me.

It looks there’s an issue regarding some DNS services.
The quick and easiest fix is to:

  1. Connect via your mobile phone on hotspot.
  2. Download the required updates.
  3. Launch the game.
  4. Close the game.
  5. Connect to your usual wifi.
  6. Launch the game.

It worked for me, but I don’t know if this “fix” will be needed as soon as more updates are requiered.


Boa tarde pessoal.
Estava tendo o mesmo problema, então conectei no jogo pelo servidor da Europa, baixou um pacote pequeno de atualização e deu certo.
Saí do jogo e entrei no servidor das Américas.

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I have the same issue, but technical support doesnt do anything with it… I wrote them about it but there is sound of silence…

Me paso lo mismo es un error de virus formatea por completo tu pc y te dara el juego.

Mesmo problema aqui.

Já limpei cache, temporários, desinstalei, reinstalei, reiniciei roteador, já verifiquei DNS, tentei alterar o servidor, usei VPN, reinstalei o battle.net e o jogo, reparei cliente, nada.

A internet está em perfeitas condições, a propósito. Inclusive o jogo abre e roda no celular, já para PC está essa patifaria, completamente esquecido. Antes eram os miss clicks e a área de jogo que não colabora em absolutamente nada ao gameplay, agora, sequer abre. Pior disso tudo é o silêncio por parte da empresa.

I had the same problem, but I solved it by following the steps below.
Deleted all folders and files under the patch folder in the diablo installation folder.
(ex. X:\xxx\Diablo Immortal\LocalData\Patch)

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