Diablo Immortal 60fps not supported on iPhone 15 Pro?

Does anyone here have the same problem? For not choosing 60 fps. Is it a bug??
iOS 17.0.2

Yep experiencing the same on my 15 pro. “60 fps not supported on this device”

Oh, I see. Thanks for the reply

Seeing this on the Pro Max, too. Gonna troubleshoot some and see if it’s a device thing instead of a game thing.

Any settings that are specifically oriented to limit frame rate on the device are off, so it’s not a setting that’s causing this. Likely they didn’t update game code to include the 15’s and as such, are limiting their performance. 30fps in DI is not a good playable experience, however.

Same here. I ran the game completely maxed out on my iPhone 14 Pro. But my 15 Pro can’t activate 60fps or ultra graphics.

Same here. They likely need to deploy an update for the game for new phones. A17 pro chip should be chewing through this game no problem

Not sure about you, phraze, but Ultra was never available for me on mobile. Said it wasn’t supported.

You could be right, I might have mixed it up with my iPad Pro’s settings. Sorry!

Hope it gets fixed soon. Makes no sense.

They have fixed now!!!, I can use 60 fps. Hope it works for you guys too.

Can confirm it’s also working on my device.

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