[Diablo II] You were disconnected from Battle.net. Please reconnect

I tried to play again today, after a year and a half or so, with a copy that I had played before. Unsuccessfully. That same disconnection message appears. I updated the patch, used another internet, and nothing. Bizarre.

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having same issue, just installed the game, try to login to battle.net and get " You were disconnected from battle.net " message

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What the hell blizzard your worried about bots in a 20 year old game so you just ban legit players NOTHING YOU HAVE EVER DONE HAS STOPPED OR EVEN SLOWED BOTS DOWN all you do is turn away legit players not bots. I just installed this game for a fresh start after 5+ years away from it just to get banned for being at a hotel. I’m down with you clowns I was looking forward to D4 but I’ll just save myself the cash and headache since you clowns can’t do sh*t right.


Jesus - I love Diablo 2 - thats why I went to my parents place and searched all dusty cartons in their basement. After hours of work, I finally found my old D2 games and I quickly added my good ol license keys to my battle.net account - JUST IN CASE I ever wanted to play D2 again.

Today was the day - I downloaded the installers, fired it up and boom - You were disconnected.

What the hell guys? I live in Germany, regular ‘average joe’ private ISP - and my keys worked back in the day! Get your sh*t together!

Any help appreciated.

My game client was running 1.14B
Current version is 1.11D


  1. close the game
  2. Install 1.14d patch manually
  3. play the game

Same problem here too. Been playing with some friends again for the past few weeks and out of the blue started getting that same “disconnected from Battlenet. Please reconnect.” I’ve been playing from home, not using any bots or hacks or anything, and all of a sudden I can’t get on anymore and it’s been about 4 days of getting that message. Really hoping I will be able to get back on before losing what I’ve found and stored on some mules that will expire in 10 days.


Hi, I’m getting the same message and I’m playing from a home computer which no one else uses. Can you check if my IP is blocked due to something as well? And maybe give me some tips how to get access to Battle.net?
I would appreciate it very much since I really want to relive some childhood memories :sweat_smile:
Thx in advance!

I recently downloaded the game straight from Blizzard’s website, manually downloaded the patch onto my computer, and went to play today and I also got the disconnected from Battle.net message.

Same issue here. Same frustrating responses. It’s been over a month I’ve not been able to play from my home. No point getting hyped for D4; just play one of the many other better games in this genre. You’ll see plenty of twitchers streaming on them.

Also note the hilarity that D2 has more streamers than D3, yet blizzard aren’t supporting people on regular home connections from contributing to the popularity.

A lost customer


Sorry for double-post, but it deserves mention the ludicrous notion of banning types of IP’s rather than solving the underlying issue: your game.

While I have been trying to connect directly from my home IP and am having this issue, I should be able to use a VPN. Plenty of people use VPN’s for legitimate reasons. As a US company (correct me if it is majority-owned by foriegn interests), you should support the ability for Americans to protect their privacy.


I too Redownloaded Diablo II after ages of not playing it because I heard about this huge expansion pack called Median XL which changes everything in the game. however as everyone else is stating. I got the error about not connecting when going to battle.net, so I cam here looking for help.

Yet for me it was fixed automatically. Im sorry to say i wish i knew what caused my fix. All i can say is I simple closed the game. A message popped up. something around the lines of “compatibility mode has installed the necessary settings to blah blah something i dont remember the rest” “They will be active the next time you run the program”
Ran diablo II again, and was able to connect to the internet and create an account.

So my best guess…check your compatibility settings?

Hello, I just purchased D2 Lord Of Destruction, first time playing and I’m having the same problem. I have an internet connection I use via hotspot on my phone, nothing fancy, no cheating here. I hope this gets fixed soon. Kind regards. :slight_smile:

EDIT* I had alt-tabbed to troubleshoot this connection problem. Just closed the game and received this pop up message:

Program Compatibility Assistant

Compatibility settings have been applied

To fix a compatibility problem, compatibility settings were applied to the program. these settings will be used the time you run the program.

I restarted the game and it worked. Thankyou Devs and enjoy the journey everyone :slight_smile:

I have the same thing going on… I have fiber optic internet through Point Broadband… I have done everything that i can to get online an play… Still the same ol errors. Even tried connecting off my cell phone… an that worked for a day or so… Now that doesnt even work… WTF BNET … Whats ur problem… Ive played blizzard games for 20 years or more

@Boppel This worked for me. Thanks man. You a genius.

My game client was running 1.14 B
Current version is 1.11 D


  1. close the game
  2. Install 1.14d patch manually
  3. play the game

i do have the same issue, and so disappointed to read this. we just purchased the game for my sister and cant get to play it together… what a great customer service huh…

Same story here, it’s ridiculous how many people this is happening to. I haven’t played this game in so long. The servers are filled with bots doing runs, I’ve never seen it like this, and somehow I get banned? Well I guess it saved me from wasting anymore time on this game!

This may not work for everyone, but I found a solution that worked for me. I’m running Windows 7 and I had to do the following:

  1. Right-click on the desktop shortcut to start game.
  2. Left-click on Open File Location.
  3. Right-click on Diablo II application.
  4. Left-click on Troubleshoot Compatibility
  5. Choose Try recommended settings
  6. Follow instructions.

My system chose to run it in Windows XP Service Pack 2 mode. I was finally able to connect to Bnet and run the game.

I’m not sure if that would work if you only did the desktop shortcut, so make sure you go to the actual application file itself.

Hope this helps!!

I have worked various Tech and Customer Supports for over 30 years. If your people can’t figure out something as simple as asking customers to try a compatibility mode with an older game on newer systems, then fire them all!! That is one if the simple basics that most Tech Support personnel should know. Telling them it is their ISP’s problem is a lazy excuse. You people have a fix for this and you know it. Just get your personnel off their lazy arses and make them do their job by walking your faithful customers through the steps. Stop blaming the problem on everyone and everything else.



Did not work for me.

I was able to play the past 2 days, then i chose to download the game on my other laptop since it is bigger and after I downloaded the game using the same CD key (which might be the problem) now i can not get back onto battlenet. just keep getting the message (you been disconnected from battlenet. please re connect)

let me know if the problem is the fact that I downloaded the game on another computer and do I have to buy another CD key and re download to play again.


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I just bought the game, 30 minutes ago and i have the same issue.
However i updated the patch to 1.14D, which did not work.
I also troubleshoot the issue and try running it in the normal way, did not work.

Blizzard, i just spent €20 on both of the games and i can’t even play online?

I am having the same issues here too please someone help!

Hi, Same here, i have played for the last week and now that we are in quarantine, we cant play… that realy suck from blizzard cause i have all of there game… classic, new, realy bad company… give me back my money