[Diablo II] You were disconnected from Battle.net. Please reconnect

Hi Support,

I recently re-installed Diablo II and have not been able to connect to Battlenet once. After wasting my limited free time trudging through the forums and searching on Google, I found several different sets of troubleshooting steps. I’ve tried them all and nothing fixed the problem.

I keep getting this error message any time I try to connect to Battlenet:

Diablo II:
You were disconnected from Battlenet. Please reconnect.

So, since none of the troubleshooting helped, I opened up a ticket and got a response fairly quickly, stating,

“[…]the IP you were using to connect to the game was temporarily suspended and as a result, the CD key has also been suspended for 2 weeks.”

This was likely due to using a VPN, hosting / cloud service or a business / enterprise connection, which can cause a temporary restriction.

[…]If this happens again without any VPN software etc then this may be due to something the ISP is doing, such as using a hosting / cloud service or a business / enterprise connection.

You would want to contact them to confirm and use an alternate network like a mobile hotspot going forward.

I don’t use a VPN, I don’t have an enterprise connection, I don’t host a cloud service or business. This is my personal PC at my home on a hardwired Ethernet connection.

Annoyed, but unwilling to let Blizzard’s “support” ruin my night, I forgot about it for a little over two weeks and tried again. Lo and behold, what do I see?

Diablo II:
You were disconnected from Battlenet. Please reconnect.

This, of course, happens on all realms. So, do I have another 2-week ban? If so, for what? I sincerely doubt this is due to anything my ISP is doing. I would just like for somebody to tell me what the hell is really going on here.

Look at this from a customer’s point of view:

Customer’s PoV:
Diablo IV is announced. You watch the trailers, then get hyped up and excited because of the influence from Diablo II. Nostalgia hits, so you go install your old copy of Diablo II and LoD (which you’ve had literally since the days the game and expansion were released). It finally finishes installing, you launch it and try to connect to Battlenet, and… you can’t.

Reluctantly, you spend your precious, limited free time doing research to figure out what might be the issue. You go through every troubleshooting step you can find, ensuring that all your i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed, but still you cannot connect.

So, with no other recourse, you open a ticket with support only to be told you’re banned for two weeks due to some flimsy explanation that doesn’t hold up to any scrutiny.

Banned. For two weeks! Why? Just for installing an old game and trying to connect to it online?

That’s how this comes across to your customers, Blizzard.

This is the kind of treatment of your player base that motivated me to stop playing Blizzard games in the past.

I’m thankful I already owned a copy, but I know others on this forum bought brand new copies and ran into this same issue. I sure hope you have given those people refunds!


Did you install with the 16 digit cd keys or the 26 digit digital keys?

I installed with the 26 digit digital keys. I’ve opened ports 3724, 6112, and 4000 on my firewall and router, I manually installed patch 1.14d, I disabled all my startup programs, I run the program as administrator, I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, and I’ve tried connecting to every realm. I even tried temporarily disabling my firewall and antivirus to see if something was interfering, but nothing has worked.

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Hey Bojer,

I checked into this a bit further for you. The IP address you’re posting from and accessing the game from shows up as “Spectrum Business”. We prevent business-class IPs from connecting to classic Battle.net in Diablo 2 for reasons related to cheating/botting (these players often use VPNs or business connections to connect). We understand that this may prevent some legitimate players from being able to play Diablo 2 at work and such, but this is a necessary price to pay to cut down on the number of botters/cheaters in the game.

If you are connecting from home and have residential internet, meaning that you pay Spectrum directly for a normal internet connection to your home and you aren’t connecting through internet provided by an apartment or complex, then it’s possible Spectrum has mistakenly flagged your IP as business.

In this case you would probably want to contact Spectrum customer support to have them give you a new public IP address that is not registered as a business IP.

As long as you can get this cleared up and get a non-business IP you should be able to connect again once the 2 week restriction has run its course.

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This isn’t true at all. I’m not saying you’re lying, but you clearly don’t know all the facts. It was implemented to take out the Spam bots in D2 and it worked, but it wasn’t to prevent botting and cheating. If you have access to D2 simply log into each realm and look at the shear numbers of 98s and 99s on the ladders across all the realms in D2 LoD. There are more than 10,000 and these are all bots. You can simply make a level 1 character and see that the game is full of public chant bots that are fully loaded with the latest hacks that do endless cows and enchant all party members in town. These bots run 24/7 for 6 months straight and the user numbers they generate look good on the reports to shareholders. Reporting these botters to hacks@blizz does nothing.

Also, this restriction system your company has implemented is corrupt. I have no problem with it’s purpose, but not telling new customers of the game at the point of purchase that it will lead to a 2 week to 1 month restriction is by far the most evil and corrupt gaming business practice in the history of gaming. It is disgusting. And not putting a warning message up at the point of login is also a terrible business practice by a poorly managed company.


Hi Jambrix,

Thanks for following up on this. The information you’ve provided is actually useful to me. I wish the CSR that responded to my ticket had mentioned this!

There is fairly good reason for me to believe that my internet connection is mistakenly flagged as business – the previous homeowner ran a lawn care company. Plus, when I moved in, Spectrum was still in the process of taking over the former incumbent ISP’s systems and migrating data… so it’s likely this fell through the cracks. I’ll get in touch with them and go from there.

If you don’t hear from me in two weeks, assume all went well :slight_smile:

I have also had this problem, got hyped about D4 and got nostalgia about D2. Installed and went to play but constant disconnects, I’m staying in a less than trustworthy hotel for work so had my vpn enabled initially but I’ve since tried without the vpn, with my phone as hotspot, with my phone as a cable tether, connecting to other realms (“battle.net is not responding”) and nothing is working. no ban message just " you have been disconnected"

Having the same issue. I’m no business, never played at work, and I’m being told I have a 2 week suspension because I wanted to play the game again? How does this make any sense? To prevent me from using bots, which I never have and never will? This is a huge turn-off for players who just want to come back to the game. I don’t want to wait 2 week to play, it’s nonsensical.

Maybe being more proactive IN the game to prevent botters would be a better practice than to just up and ban returning players simply because you want to prevent something from happening in an almost 20 year old game…


I am having the same issue as this as well. It happened at my house and I am no longer able to log in. I have tried 2 different residential connections and a mobile hotspot and none worked. I literally just started to play the game on Saturday and got this issue after 24 hours. Way to treat new players…


I have a business account legitimately…I was not aware of this biased ruling. I demand a refund. Just bought this game for myself and my kid to play and had issues logging in. Was trying to make a ticket until I found this thread.


Same i was banned for no reason at all, and was given the same answer which was nothing… just have fun with your ban. I was also told I cannot get a refund because i’ve had the game for a month (second time i purchased game because i couldnt find my old cd key) THANKS BLIZZARD i lose all my unperm mules so many hours wasted.


Same. Is in need of reason and how long the ban is. Trash… was doing Baal runs leaving games fast to join the next one… then bam cant log in… Been 24 hours now.


Any response please ? It has been 4 days now. am I banned or temp banned or what ? This system is so archaic considering i have done nothing wrong.

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Adding my voice to the chorus. I’m getting this same error. No idea why.

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Its ridiculous that blizzard IP bans so easily. They should know the botters are generally technical enough to overcome this, while the legitimate player is like wtf… when is this going to expire??

Look guys, blizzard’s own support site tells you the only way to address this. You have to change your IP. That is not particularly easy unless you have a store bought router with the ability to spoof the WAN MAC address. Even then some ISPs tether the public facing IP to their equipment and that won’t even work. I was able to fix my 'checking version…" chronic BS by changing my IP.

Blizzard should really reconsider their policies and stances toward how they combat botting. Its obviously ineffective, and also its pretty apparent that its more effective at wrongfully banning legitimate players.


Honestly, so many people bot anyways who even cares at this point. i play with friends and by myself, now i can’t play all of a sudden because of some cracked up charges to stop botting, yet there are tons of bots running baal runs and loot hacks or whatever so nothing hits the ground if you play with other people to level. getting tired of constantly getting disconnected for no reason. honestly Comcast it a huge business and you ip ban them? ridiculous. oh and i was just trying to mule some stuff. so now i lost a ton of crap because of this. thanks

I want to add my voice too. I restarted to play due to nostalgia. About 2 weeks into it I got IP ban after I riled my room-mate to come play with me. We both just buy the game to get ban? It doesn’t say for how long or any reason as to why we are in this situation. I want a refund.


I have a good friend who is an attorney and he thinks we have a good case for a class action lawsuit against Blizzard. Stay tuned.


Any resolution? This is clearly not a VPN, business-IP issue and Blizzard is simply making up bull to cover their bad decisions. Have had the game for years, got sold on revamping my interest by one of Blizzard’s sponsored gamers and then come to find this on the forums when I can’t get onto the Battlenet that the sponsored gamer was running less than 10 days ago when ladder reset. The gamer and his team is clearly struggling with shoddy servers through the duration of the stream, repeated failures to join, and severe lag though the game demands so little of the computer. It would appear that they do not care about the spending the slightest bit of money of their free-to-play Diablo 2 audience when they are still raking in billions from the subscriptions of Vanilla Wow players - and with nearly their entire Diablo development being replaced (likely due to lack of adequate recognition within company) they are struggling to pull even a maintained product together nonetheless a satisfactory sequel for the franchise. Still I’d like to play the game I purchased and have enjoyed for years again.


Ok~~~~~~~This is JCE from Classic Diablo 2 USEAST Ladder…I would like to start off to saying thanks to the Blizzard staff responding to peoples issues on this great Classic game. I am going to get to the point fast…Blizzard Employee’s , do not sit there and say that you are using these methods to cut down on Botting and cheating, this is not the issue at all. You are hurting Legit players …Why? Because you make the Drug addict no life having Nerds profit off their bots, plus with your new made up rules , you make legit players buy more CD keys which makes Blizzard more Revenue …I have been in the Military for some time now, which means alot of sitting around time…I have surveyed your guys new methods and why you do this to people…Blizzard Staff~Don’t sit there and act like you are Temp banning us for two Fing weeks to cut down on botting or cheating, that’s a bold face lie. Having a realm down is acceptable, and there is very easy methods to enforce to stop the CHEATING. Stop bullshizzing