[diablo ii] you were disconnected from battle.net. please reconnect

Hi Support,

I recently re-installed Diablo II today and have not been able to connect to Battle.net once. After wasting some free time trudging through the forums and searching on Google, I found several different sets of troubleshooting steps along with posts on forums and nothing seems to fix the problem.

I keep getting this error message any time I try to connect to Battle.net(US West/East and Open Battle.net):

Diablo II:
You were disconnected from Battlenet. Please reconnect.

I downloaded with my 26 key CD key I’ve had for nearly 20 years.

Hey TheReaper.

Do you use a VPN? Or do any of the items in this list apply to you?

If so, you may be temporarily restricted from logging in.

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None of these apply to me, never used a VPN, bot(love the game too much to ruin it for myself) I just downloaded and logged in this is what popped up everytime I’d hit connect to battle.net

It’s been some years since I’ve gotten on and only reason I even quit back a few years was because I went out of the country for a few months to come back to my account being deleted from blizzard’s servers due to inactivity.

Okay. In that case, try a support ticket so that Bliz can hold a one-on-one with you. You can start the process here.

It appears that there was a temporary restriction applied. It will be lifted on the evening of the 24th.

Wow thank you so much! Really appreciate how quick both of you were able to help me. That’s why I love the blizzard community. 20 years and counting!

I just started getting this error about 30 mins ago when I tried logging on. unfortunately, I was using a VPN at the time to watch my netflix shows and forgot to turn it off. Please help.

Unfortunately, nothing can be done except to let the two week restriction run its course.

Be careful not to attempt logging in with the VPN active. Doing so will reset the two week timer.

Blizzard, oh Blizzard … the typical connection issue that’s been going on forever.
Two support tickets in summer for that same issue, every time saying that my ban is renewed ? I somehow got 14-day restriction at May, since then to the end of summer or so, I didn’t even touch the game because I didn’t have any access to it and when I got the chance, guess what ? Still restricted. So there goes my first ticket. 20 days or so later, still restricted, again ticket and again they told me I am restricted (without even playing (not even offline) in the last 4+ months) :PP Unbelievable. I answered to close the ticket because they obviously had no clue what was going on and talked to me like they wanted to get me off their back, which I found rude. And finally, their last answer to me which closed the ticket unresolved.

Hello ----- !

My Name is ---- aka Gamemaster ---- and I’m here to address your issue with the suspension.

I am truly sorry that you havent received the answer you where looking for but there isnt another one we can give you at this point.

Best Regards from Paris

Blizzard Entertainment Europe

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