Diablo II - Still Asking For Expansion Disc

Just went through the process of swapping my old CD keys for the 26 digit ones and installed Diablo II & LOD via the battlenet installers. I have never installed Diablo II or LOD on this computer prior. Everything seemed normal until I go to launch, an error message comes up saying I need insert the disc. This is a fairly new computer with no disk drive.

Watched a couple videos online and fixed the compatibility modes via properties to try and help, but nothing seems to work. Any thoughts on what I’m doing wrong?

hey, i too just recently installed d2 again. for me what helped with this issue was this.
I was adding -3dfx to the shortcut target line but forgot to put the glide files into d2 folder. hehe maybe same thing happening to you.

just to make clear i was getting an error saying something about no cd-rom in the drive too