Diablo II says my Battle.net account doesn't exist

I have installed my Diablo 2 battle Chest and LoD expansion. They are the discs though, not digital downloads. I am trying to play multiplayer, but when I try to enter my account logins it tells me my account doesn’t exist. The only option I seem to have is to create another account through the game. Does anyone know how to deal with this without creating another account?

I pretty sure we can only use digital downloaders and keys to play on bnet.

Well if that is the case I guess I will not be playing it in multiplayer unfortunately . I’m not going to buy it again just for that.

You can redeem your cd keys for digital ones at no cost. The procedure is found in your account settings at the top right of this page. If you do it make sure when join bnet you’re not connecting with a vpn nor a business isp.
Also, to confirm what I’m saying is correct about the keys go to the support forum and ask or submit a ticket and ask. I want you to get all the facts first before disabling your cd keys for digital keys.

ill trade im blocked from playing diablo 2 at all online!

no open bnet.

using 4g antenna shop unlimited internet
oh wait its business class(like 90% of rural providers) so im automaticaly banned by blizzard for 2 damn weeks!!