Diablo II Resurrected

Need help as to why Diablo 2 Res will not load on my computer it goes to black screen then kicks me


Same here. I have also start the repair job but without any results :frowning:

im getting this error code when i try to launch D2res


same here CD30D1FC-E84B-424D-99F4-53C2F3D176B3

Just keep getting error code DD8A9CA5-E6C8-49D6-828E-0010369ABEBB
I get a black screen for a few seconds then Failed to load…each time is a different code to send to Blizz

So much for pre-purchase advantage :roll_eyes: :angry:

Yeah same thing for me tries to load the opening Blizzard logo but only about 1 sec and crashes


yeah i get the same thing been trying since 12:30 pm cdt today got beta installed but wen i go to launch i get nothing but an error reporting screen asking what i was doing when i got the error that i never got

I can make it as far as the lobby, but whenever i try to enter a game, I hear Deckard Cain but eveything crashes and the beta closes.

68619E14-273D-411D-AD09-756CE7B58231 i am getting this error message, couldnt even start the game. please help


need help!

the same issue, bliz please help

Check min requirements. If these are not met you will not be able to play the beta.


I have the same issue with starting a game. When I click PLAY Diablo 2 Resurrected beta, then this error occurred (E2F53B83-3CFB-4B84-ACD0-D44207BB9519), every time with difrent code. I installed the game on my two PC-s, and both meet min system requirements.


For me it says, cannot load until release ? How do i get in if i cant even download it ?

i’ve got unexpected error when i launch D2Res these issues cd-key code XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXX bruh bruh bruh oh i want my money back for pre-purchase.

oh i am glad im not alone… i thought i am the only 1 experiencing it… same here until lobby but during joining and creating game during entering game when it tries to enter the door of light it crashed and get me back to battle.net app. tried different resulution actually and it didn’t help.
and i am certain my system requirements meet the game requirements
i5 3570k - 12gb ram and gtx 1660ti 6gb on the graphics card.

You need to select ‘Beta’. The ComboBox above the install/launch button.

same problem here AFD826F7-0517-410A-8B7B-C1E13BA8C7C0 659D68A0-0C92-44E7-A8C2-9BAB62FB0E24 diff codes but same problem

I think they vaste beta time and give acces to beta wrong peoples not players only social media youtubers who dont have idea about game ( think lord of destruction dlc name is throne baal from baldurs gates and speak all movie about how wonderful music is in game becouse dont know what say and when do act 1 q1 speak to people they can’t do reset skills when do 1 quest . Its worse ever give someone like this man acces to beta test becouse iq monkey only make game worse .

https://youtu.be/5SI-KUBP8Oc - here you have my movies I only shows how all working ( buged soso animation , bad working skill inferno , missing mercenary )

Game is cool but need yet lot work to fix bugs , I have hope they dont fix disco sosobug its funny bug animation .