Diablo II Resurrected Icon in Favorite Bar

Who put it there, and why? Because it’s not my favorite. I am not even going to buy it. But I can’t get that icon out of the way.


I also want this gone. I am legitimately not interested in Diablo at all, I’ve never even played it, but now I can’t get rid of this icon? Blizzard is seriously trying to make people quit at this point. I have OCD, and not being able to remove this and keep my actual app clean is triggering to me.

Yeah, I’m glad I’m not the only one seeing this. Thing is, even if you DO own it and have it on your favorites bar, you STILL get this one segregated on the left end of the screen. I’m assuming it’s a marketing ploy for the Beta weekend only, but we won’t know until Tuesday morning.

incredibly annoying, its wild that they give so little thought to anything but boosting pre order numbers. This is an incredibly obnoxious way of advertising another lazy remake.

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Well, it’s actually a pretty stellar remake, but that isn’t the issue. I agree it’s bad form, and incredibly annoying for OCD-types. and I want it gone 10 minutes ago. But it doesn’t reflect on the quality of the product, which is actually excellent from my time with it.

How very crass of you to add the Diablo II Resurrected icon to my Favorites Bar, Activision-Blizzard. Remove it at once!

It seems yall made a “Buy this” category on everyone’s launcher. Just another part of Activision move that makes yall even less of a Bliz company.

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I saw the new icon on my favorites bar, right clicked it and chose remove. Problem solved. Do you all not have that option?

I already have it favorited, and there is STILL another identical icon off to the left side of the bar behind a white line on it’s own that can’t be dealt with in any way. No one posting about this is ignorant of the fact favorites can be right-clicked and removed. There is a new icon in a new section (but only for some people apparently) that can’t be moved or hidden.

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I have no such option. I attempted to do that prior to my previous post. That puts it into the “Shoved down my throat” category.

I have two Battlenet accounts. On this one, this icon shows up and can’t be removed. On my other, older one, it’s not present at all. So what exactly is triggering this, and can we please get the ability to remove it?? I bought the game, I am happy with it. I don’t need two icons on my taskbar reminding me to play it. One will suffice.

Try clicking the “All Games” button, and in the game list that appears, unselect it by clicking the star icon in the upper left of each game.

Unfortunately, this is simply not the issue. I have tried this numerous times. What we are seeing is the Diablo II icon on the far left of the games taskbar with a white vertical line behind it separating it from your ACTUAL favorites, which you can still move around as before. In my case, this includes Diablo II. But the icon on the left will not leave if you uncheck Diablo II, nor if you uncheck literally every game available in the app. It’s just permanently stuck at the front of the taskbar.

Maybe it’s a bug only some people are seeing, but being as it’s appearance lines up within HOURS of the early access beta becoming available, it’s hard to shake the conclusion that it’s being forced on the taskbar as a marketing ploy. It’s fine to admit that, and if that’s the case, it would just be nice to know it’s not gonna be there forever.

That is strange. I looked on both the live and the beta launcher versions I don’t see that.

If it is a bug, I can’t do anything about it, but if you can snap a screenshot and post it, I’d be curious to see what it looks like.

If the forums won’t let you post hyperlinks, you can paste the URL and use the “Preformatted text” tool on it (the </> button in the toolbar).

Example: www.google.com

There was an update to the launcher right around the time the D2R beta went live (you can see reports of the chat windows having color/alignment issues). It’s possible that the update is causing the favorites issue.


As you can see, the button on the far left is what I am referring to. It can’t be removed. If you click on it, it then defaults back to the one listed in the favorites portion.

Roger that. I’m going to ask around and see what I find out

When I selected “ALL GAMES” the little “Favorites Star” in the upper left corner next to the “Beta” banner was not selected. When I selected it by clicking on the star there was no change and when I deselected the star, the Diablo II: Resurrected icon still remained.

In short, there was no effect when I followed your suggestion.

Yeah, seems that the favorites selection isn’t tied to that left-most icon.

I’m asking around to see what I can find out about it.

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Just adding my voice that I have this issue as well. While I have purchased D2:R and look forward to it, I already had it selected as a favorite and placed where I want it on my app bar. Now there is a second, non-removable, non-movable duplicate icon stuck on the far left side of my app that I cannot remove, edit, etc.

Just as a disclaimer, I don’t have direct access to any developers. I just ran this by some of the support staff/other MVPs looking for observations on their own launchers.

Some do have the perma D2 icon on the left, and some don’t. The best consensus is that it’s a bug in the launcher.

If you want, drop a line about this issue in the Desktop App Bug Report forum. QA doesn’t typically respond, but it will at least get it on their radar. You can even link back to this thread to provide some extra information from the others who posted here.

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