Diablo II Remaster chest Idea

Let us be able to upgrade the chest tabs.
First upgrade costs 25000 gold.
Second upgrade 75000 gold.
Third upgrade 150000 gold.

Then everyone has reason to farm gold. What do you think?

In Diablo II anyway a lot of reasons to farm gold - gamble, craft, gear repair, merc resurrection, so.
But anyway stash improvement most demanded, yep


Gold in Diablo 2 is so easy to get it’s almost trivial. You can sell a piece of elite armor for 35k to a vendor.

I think the prices should be more like:

First upgrade: 5m
Second: 20m
Third: 100m

This is, of course assuming they will increase the cap.

But they won’t do this, knowing them they will sell tabs for real money if they were to do something like this.

This too.

D2 rm will never happen


remember when blizzard said they couldnt rerelease wow classic cuz “files were deleted” then boom game comes out had so many people the servers crashed… if blizzard really wanted to they could

they wouldnt do that just for the sake of it costing in game gold, how on earth would they implement that. it would be more beneficial for them if they did it like path of exile where you purchased them with real money, and mark my words, people would pay, especially the hardcore pvp’ers being able to have more switch options for different duels due to a larger stash

Half of my time on bnet when trading is shuffling through 4 accounts full of mules trying to find that 1 item i put somewhere, to get a temp restriction then a good deal fall out lol.

Tis the life of people who play classic video games, and I love it XD


The difference is WOW actually brings in revenue to the company.

and d2 would if they did maintenance often, added some extra things, changed some things and maybe added a currency store where you could buy certain looks or features for your characters, or as mentioned above, added the ability to purchase stash tabs, they would bring alot more revenue in if they lowered their cd key prices too ever so slightly, even reducing it by as much as 2 dollars could bring in an xtra 1k+ key sales per year.

how about chest tabs cost real money?

oh yeah fersure ur right on that but im just saying they def could if they really wanted its not “impossible” like they say

I love entertaining the idea of a remake personally. I feel like it won’t happen, but it’s not too bad to dream. If they actually brought guilds into the game that would be sa-weeet!

Consider how clans in the old battle.net days brought people together, where people were actually organizing games and chatting as if it were IRC or something. I mean sure the whole steam platform way of doing this dominates, but you don’t get that player avatar to show off!

When they brought in colored items to the chat it was brilliant too! I remember the quirks where certain armor colors would not display correctly in chat and they fixed it rather quickly. Stuff like that is what we all miss I think.

Sure why not :smiley: :smiley: :D… but I changed my vote for the stash increase to be done quest/automatic or microtransaction.

1k+ keys sales at $8 would bring them in a total of $8,000+ a year. Not even enough to hire a janitor to dust the servers.

It is an interesting concept of adding micro transactions to diablo 2 resurrected.

After further thinking about in game gold use though, I started to disagree with my original statement. In game gold is something that is spent over time and accumulated over time. They only time it comes in large stacks is a players death or someone brings in there mf bot. Having a way to cash out all that gold quickly will increase the demand of people taking each others gold, or getting it in means that are illegal. It will also distract people from the rather unexplored fun world of crafting. Crafting is more than what the summit tells you, and it costs a lot of gold to get it right.

The gold system should not be disrupted. Bigger stash should be a quest/automatic or a micro transaction.