Diablo II - regarding game rush


I’m somewhat new in D2 battle.net, like 3 days new.
So I created a game and started minding my own business with doing quests as I did before in single player.
And then a 80something level joined the game teamed-up (didn’t really know the consequences), kept on minding my own business of course and after 5-10 minutes quest log went crazy, like completing it-self crazy.
And after my time in the game was done for the day I left and searched the web about it. It’s called rush (shocker), obviously that 80something lv went on ahead alone completing quests while I lost stuff.
What did I lose ? Well, the cube for starters so I had to go and pick it up afterwards (without the quest), and now I entered act 3 where the first 4 quests are completed … by him.

Thing is, I read about the rewards and Quest 1 gives you 20 hp perm and Quest 4 gives you 5 stat points. Well, I don’t remember getting those stat points and therefore I’m guessing hp points neither.
So, what do I do when this happens ? (I don’t want to move my character to single player). Is there a way to get those rewards somehow ?

Thanks in advance … !


There is no way the quest to be done if you didnt get the rewards mate.

Just open new game and re-make the quests which are still not completed in order to get their rewards/benefits.

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Yea thanks, found it. It would seem that the “completed quests” follow the quest progression of the owner of the game or something.
I created a password protected game and the quests appeared there.
But then again, if it’s based on the game owner, how were those quests completed before since it was my game ? Does party-ing with a guy matter ?

Party or not, if you are not in the area, while he is killing the bosses, doesnt matter.

Just if some quests cannot be completed in the current game, just create new one :slight_smile: