Diablo II Prime Evil Upgrade


I own Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Ultimate Evil Addition (disc) and purchased the Necromancer DLC. However, when I am logged into the PlayStation Store the Prime Evil Upgrade shows as unavailable.

Does the Prime Evil Upgrade only work for digital edition customers? And therefore I need to buy Diablo II separately?


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I am having the same issue and can’t seem to find an answer anywhere. My pc version of diablo 3 offers me the choice to upgrade to the prime evil version at a reduced cost and I don’t own the necro pack for that. It would be really dumb for them to make it digital only and make us have to buy the game all over again just to get few cosmetic add ons for D3

The break down seems to be:

$39.99 D2R
$10 D3 bundle (should be only $5 if you need just the necro part)
$10 D3 D2R themed cosmetics.
Pre-Order free Barbarian transmog

So, you would get a $5 discount for having D3/RoS I THINK if you get the upgrade version. Check the figures before you approve the sale in the shop.