Diablo II LOD was told I have a Bug

Hello so I am having problem with Diablo II LOD. So when I log into Bnet it does not load all my Character I made it is very frustrating so I was told I am having a Bug problem so was sent here to post here. I don’t really know what to do here so can I get help here lol

I am still experiencing problems trying to connect like log into Bnet when I turn on my Diablo II LOD game it takes way to long some times not every time but most of the times it takes way to long for me to connect.

are they single player characters? you cant load in single player characters online to the official servers. only load them into tcp/ip games which not many people play. hope that helps :slight_smile:

no I know I cant use my single payer guys online. I only play online so its when I log in there a Bug to where it only shows 6 guys when I have like 8 guys. So yes there a Bug going on here

There’s is an ongoing issue of logging into Battle.net. Just keep trying.

As for your missing guys, they probably expired due to inactivity of playing them or using them as mules.

Here’s more help:

nope that’s not it they are my regular guys I play with and I know about the timer and stuff like that. Like you know when you make 8 guys and then after that you have to scroll down to see the 9th or 10th guy and so on but they don’t load up only sometimes so its not that they got Deleted they just don’t load cant see the scroll bar on the side to go down to see my other guys

Use the cursor down key.