Diablo II Ladder Reset - June 5th

Mr PezRadar, Please, tell Blizzard kick bots from Diablo 2!
Señor PezRadar, por favor, digale a Blizzard que quiten los bots de Diablo 2!


@OTF101 comment above

I had this problem. Some I got ipbanned after installing after 17 years. Go to this link:

Thanks for the info sky. was playing single player today. when I got to act V in normal. as soon as I was trying to go in the building to see Tara. the game locked up and actually just closed. a diagnostic error code came up. it stated to send the info to blizzard. So when I re opened the game. I had to redo Diablo as if the quest had not been completed. Did Diablo again, went to act V and same thing. I think this issue has to be associated with downloading the latest patch, 1.14d from this website. so I think I am going to just pull out my old Diablo 2 expansion set and load from the CDs. And then just play stand alone, if it will work. does anyone remember what the expansion set version was? was it version 1.10. Just curious to see which rune words will not work with it. Thanks for the help all.

It sounds like you may be dealing with some sort of system instability issue… First I’d suggest checking for updated audio, chipset, graphics and storage controller drivers for your system. Next check for and install all available updates for your operating system. Finally check for and install the latest motherboard firmware/BIOS update. Try to recreate the problem after each of these steps to see if it’s solved.

If you are unfamiliar with performing any of these tasks, I’d recommend asking a tech savvy friend for assistance or taking your computer to a reputable computer service/repair shop.

Thanks Jedi. I am not very PC literate so I pay geek squad annually to keep my pc up and running current. I contacted geek squad when I was unable to connect to battle.NET. They logged in to my PC remotely and tried to fix my problem. When they could not resolve, mostly using the same recommendations from tech support here, they made sure all update were loaded. I am assuming they didn’t miss anything but I sure wouldn’t know. lol. Then when this new issue popped up in single player I thought it might be a good idea to just remove all diablo file from my PC and just reload from my CDs. I still have the entire expansion pack and it is in good shape. might even be worth more now than what I payed for it. appreciate you folks assisting. Who knows, if I can get to hell in SP after loading from the CDs, maybe I’ll try to get back on the Bnet.

Great to see fresh air, but without ban the bots the game will be the same in a couple days.

i find this hilarious tbh. so your saying, youve never ever in your lifetime been in a bot dia or baal run? i doubt it. everybody, even if they are legit, at some point has been in a bot run.

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In the 20 years I’ve been playing? Sure. Of course I have. Do I support the idea of bots though? $%*# no. That is such a stupid argument.
There are no legit 8 player Baal runs right now, I’m pretty much forced to play with them. I guarantee you a good chunk of the Chaos/Baal bots you see are ran by people that feel like they have no other option to compete with an artificial script playing their character for them 24/7 so they decide to fight fire with fire, the majority of the botters themselves would wish bots would go away. Even on a site like D2jsp, you see players discussing how bots are toxic and they would like to feel the thrill of finding a Ber or Jah rune again. Rather than finding one and realizing how worthless it is because there are bots finding high runes/Griffons/Coas/Tal Armors/3-20-20 scs every minute. Why the $@$% do you think ladder resets are so much fun for the first few days before bots take over? Stop trolling.

dude no1 wants the bots! nobody wants the bots we want a legit ladder and the only reason bot games are even up as hard as they are is because people quit when the game gets over run by botters no1 wants to play on botters net they want Battle net



When you log into the game and select a character it shows you news updates. The last one being from December 5, 2017. THAT’S ALMOST TWO AND A HALF YEARS AGO! So why are ladder resets not announced in the game anymore? Did you guys lose your password when when of your employees left? It just seems so incredibly lazy. I get that this game is ancient but come on! It’s something that could be updated in 5 minutes by someone with access.

There are people who just started playing again after the rumors of an updated version of the game. I spoke with many of them yesterday. NONE OF THEM HAD ANY IDEA THAT A LADDER RESET IS COMING IN A MATTER OF DAYS. Do you think they’re going to be happy 12 days from now when suddenly the ladder resets “out of nowhere”? It’s just going to mean more pissed off customers.

This is such a simple thing that would be appreciated by many. So why hasn’t it been touched for 2.5 years?


What’s the point of resetting the ladder if it’s going to be ruled by bots? At least Path of Diablo is free of bots. Just play there and completely avoid battle net


Yeeeyy just love Dia <3 always drags me back from time to time like a time machine :smiley:


If the servers are still up twenty years from now , I know that I’ll still be playing & having fun. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Please hace some active moderation & BAN THE BOTS! There’s alot of people comming back for the 20th Anniversary, and heck you guy will make even more money because the bot owners will have to buy new cd keys. We’ll get a legit experience & you’ll make money. It’s a win win…:sleepy:

I love this game so much it was my childhood favorite I played from patch 04 to like patch 11 or so, I recently was able to get a high end gaming pc, just for this game, I’ve been back on after years for about 2-3 months and it’s still the same amazing game I have always loved, and still do. Thank you so much for keeping this game alive for it holds more memories than I can count I am very excited for ladder reset.

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I could not agree more I sincerely hope they keep them up.

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Blizzard is run like China, they are a dictator and will make the rules, doesn’t matter if it hurts the community as long as they keep y’all on the forums and off their social media accounts, they’re happy that your voices are never heard or seen!

To be honest most people that play Diablo 2 are older and we’re all very well aware of what it is, we just enjoy the game. I checked out some of your posts and with or without bots it’s still the game I love, I don’t even run into bitters hardly ever I’m pvp other than that they just mf and do runs and I really couldn’t care less because it’s not directly affecting me playing the game


very true. Tried to get my nephew to play. He took one look at the graphics and said no thanks lol.

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It usually takes a couple of weeks before the bots take over the ladder.