Diablo II Ladder Reset - December 4th

Greetings everyone,

The minions of hell grow stronger and are looking for a fight! We are scheduling to reset the Diablo II ladder on Friday, December 4th at 5:00PM PT!

Get ready! Be prepared! Get to the top of the ladder! See you in a few days for the latest ladder reset!


Diablo base player!


As most gamers are a skeptical bunch, we may need a little more evidence than a passionate faux-posting. I feel your joy, but give your peers a little proof, e.g., a link to a blue in text mod/dev who has posted the date. That is all that we ask of you.


:alien: :dolphin:

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Shame on you, when people are waiting on an announcement you do a Trumpesk ‘FAKE NEWS’.

In the words of the substitute teacher Mr. Garvey: Fake announcement.

It’s not fake news. It’s VERY fake news.

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He’s just doing the job Blizzard forgot to do… they ll announce this date later on anyway


WOW, So professional and brief announcement, Blizzard should pay you a salary.

shut up bro lol u dumb

You kids need to stop saying “bro” that makes you sound dumb

VEOVIX may be right. I think that it is important to replace “bro” with “bruh” and for us all to prepare for 2021.

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Do you have any concrete evidence? Otherwise, you bring shame to your whole family line. Some of us work every day for these ladder resets ‘’;.,.;"

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I take it all back, you ARE the seer and teller of truth … my apologies.

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Wait! I think this still has something to do with an uncle who works at Blizzard, many glasses of wine, and a karaoke bar confidential info outburst. :blush: :wink: