Diablo II Ladder Reset Coming December 6

Greetings adventurers,

Darkness gathers and it is once more time to fight the evils that lurk below Sanctuary. The next Diablo II ladder reset is scheduled for Friday, December 6 at 5:00 PM PT!

We’ll see you in a couple weeks for the latest ladder reset!


Diablo Community Team


is there any more information about the reset that you can provide?

i know blizzard has hired more programmers and what not, but i assume that is to focus on blizzard mobile/diablo4.

are there any changes being made to the game itself or are you just rolling the servers over so that everyone starts from level 1?

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Legendary, Just please Blizzard give it the old collage try and stop the botting and hacking this season.


Reset hype!! 2 weeks notice – thank you!


Hey midnightcruz,

No changes to the game, just the Ladder reset so that everyone gets a fresh start.


Matthew Cederquist, any chance the platform of this reset will have anti-cheat systems updated and monitored for this reset? Please man we need it. Cheers


@Nevalistis, any more info on this?

We know this is a pain point for the community playing Diablo II.

I wish we had some better news for you but we try not to announce anything related to our anti-cheat efforts for multiple reasons.


There’s no current date for an update patch.

As soon as we have news, we’ll make sure to have an updated post regarding the release date.


I completely understand that. Just feel our pain, Which i believe you do, nothing worse then grinding for that highrune or super rare item only to find there are guys out there running 100 accounts with 8player bots just smashing loot making your single find trivial.

You don’t have anti bot measures for D2. There will be 10,000 99s at the end of the ladder, these are bot leveled characters. I’ve reported public cbaal bots and public chant bots to hacks@blizz and nothing gets done. You crushed the D2 spam bots and you crushed the War 3 host bots, but you do absolutely nothing to the game play bots in D2. Are you going to fix this problem or are you going to let the pvp community continue to make a living selling accounts full of 99s.


We feel you and understand immensely. We play each Ladder as well, and get stung by the same feeling.

I wish we could go into more detail in regards to anti-cheat, but for now (even though it seems like nothing is being done for years) know that we’re moving towards better methods to create a safe and enjoyable playing experience for everyone in the future.


Legendary man. Thank you.


Ohh man this will be a wondrous day of retribution against all the bots/hacks running rampant right now. Just imagine, a moderate to high level item found early in the season will actually be valuable for longer than a few days! Can’t wait!


After 19 years of playing this game I still get excited for a ladder reset.
Now im ashamed for admitting that FML :smiley:


Nothing to be ashamed about :slight_smile:


May I suggest for future patch to make a way to make level 99 character on non ladder & maybe possibly more items/runes sold @ vendors. But still have ladder closed. This may also drop the hack/bot motive.

Are you going to fix the desync so we can play some other characters beside sorceress (like whirlwind and bowazon) or do we have to keep playing sorceress?