Diablo II in Grim Dawn

Why is it that everyone and their uncles cat can do something with D2, except the company that actually owns the game?


I can think of two things:

1: It wasn’t a high enough priority task to make the company a lot of money.
2: It wasn’t a high enough priority task to make Mr. Kotick a lot of money.

The Diablo 2 customer base is a minority compared to their other titles. A profitable and efficiently ran business survives. Gotta make that money, man!

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Dude, sometimes you nail it, and when you do I’m blown away with your ideas. That comment is not one of those times, in fact, it’s the opposite.

Yep, sometimes the obvious is hard to swallow.

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You clearly don’t know the obvious.

Anyway back to reality.

The mod requires me to buy the game and all the expansions. The mod is a complete remake of the game and includes all the uniques, sets and rune words. It also includes Blizzard’s art work. This is clearly an authorized mod, and probably a collaboration.

It’s incredible just how many fan made mods, scripts, servers, remakes, forums, information sites, item sites, and HD work others have done to this game. More than any other Blizzard game, and all because, according to some, because it’s the least popular of all the Blizzard games and won’t make Blizzard money. :nerd_face:


As soon as Blizzard went public, the shareholders controlled their direction. Sad but true.

It’s all about that almighty Dollar.


Almost everyone knows, including Blizzard, that a remaster/remake of the game by Blizzard could profit the company tens of millions. Everyone will drop $50 just to play through the game once as a remaster/remake.


Edit: what blizzard thinks is that Diablo Immortal will get them hundreds of millions.

Can’t wait to see Bobby koticks frowned face when he sees the actual numbers. (2dollars)

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“excluding Blizzard”


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Diablo Immortal may well flop in the West, but it will make them billions in Asia, India and Africa.

A bold statement

it’s not bold at all if you understand the reason behind the use of the word Immortal for the game’s name, and if you understand the demographics of the mobile game industry’s client base. We are talking about billions of mobile game players whom love buying in app things.

their target demographic doesn’t even know what Diablo is tho.

I think it will be a flop no matter where they try to launch this

You’re crazy if you think Asia doesn’t know what Diablo is. I appreciate that you are cognitively bias, but such biases are not rooted in reality, but in emotion. More people play Diablo games in Asia than anywhere else in the world. Not to mention Diablo III, aka PoE, is owned by a Chinese company (an ActiBlizz partner) and that Chinese companies have been making Diablo like ARPGs on mobile for more than a decade.

It’s not Diablo, but PUBG on Mobile is an eSport in India. And ActiBlizz already owns the #1 game on mobile in India (think in app adds). There are more mobile gamers in India, Asia and Africa than there are people in US, Canada, Aus and Europe. Apple apps and google play store will be paid huge dollars by Blizz to market the game over there.

think u ment more players hack and cheat in asia than any other place in the world… there ya go big g homie stain… fixed it for ye

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C’mon man, that was very insensitive comment about my Uncle’s cat. What did he ever do to you?

i asked my nephew jafuuda and he said no one in africa will play because no one has computer so its not a market for games

Oh yea that’s why D3 broke record sales on launch then dwindled into the abyss :roll_eyes:

Im sure the marketing was just that good not because of the minority of the diablo 2 customer base

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