[Diablo II] I'm not receiving link with password reset

Hello Guys,

Diablo II (2000) V1.14D

I’m not receiving e-mail with password reset to Battle.net account inside Diablo II. What can I do in that situation?


Dumb questions…

  • Did you register an e-mail when you created your account ?

  • Are you sure you are using the correct e-mail for that account ? Battle.Net won’t send the password reset e-mail to an incorrect e-mail address…

I tried it just now… got the e-mail with the link immediately.

It’s not dumb question because e-mail was registered and I’m using correct e-mail for this account.

Do you have e-mail in gmail domain?

No, I don’t. My e-mail is with another e-mail provider.

There isn’t much more I can think of… I’m sure you’ve already checked your Wastebasket and spam folders (right ??)…

Yes, I checked both, and there was nothing there. Gmail has very strict policies regarding the security protocols of email senders. If something is not right, the email might not be visible, even in the spam folder.

Maybe that’s the problem.

Does anyone have a Classic Blizzard Account connected with Gmail in Diablo?