Diablo II Discord Server!


Hi there!

With so many people still enjoying Diablo II, we are keeping the community alive as much as possible with a global discord! With 700+ users and counting, we are striving to make this discord reach the entire Diablo II community!

D2GM Trades

We welcome all players into our family to chat, share builds, trade items, organize events, and show off their godly loot - even the most cringe-worthy of drops on your Wall of Shame! So, if you and your buddies are looking for a tight-knit, helpful community, come check us out and introduce yourself! It’s free and might pay out in the long run :wink:

Kind regards,


Sounds nice! I’ll check it out right away!


Everyone is welcome to join, being apart of a community is a resource that d2 newbies and pros could all benefit from.


Joined for the reset event, wich was super fun and well organised.
Stayed for all the lovely ppl inside!

If you have questions there are lots of ppl who are happy to answer them, or you might be the one who knows the answer to some other questions, swing on by and take a look!

Have a nice day :slight_smile:
Cya there!


Sounds like a violation of the End-user licensing agreement