Diablo II Discord Server!

Hi there!

With so many people still enjoying Diablo II, we are keeping the community alive as much as possible with a global discord! With 700+ users and counting, we are striving to make this discord reach the entire Diablo II community!

D2GM Trades

We welcome all players into our family to chat, share builds, trade items, organize events, and show off their godly loot - even the most cringe-worthy of drops on your Wall of Shame! So, if you and your buddies are looking for a tight-knit, helpful community, come check us out and introduce yourself! It’s free and might pay out in the long run :wink:

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Sounds nice! I’ll check it out right away!

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Everyone is welcome to join, being apart of a community is a resource that d2 newbies and pros could all benefit from.


Joined for the reset event, wich was super fun and well organised.
Stayed for all the lovely ppl inside!

If you have questions there are lots of ppl who are happy to answer them, or you might be the one who knows the answer to some other questions, swing on by and take a look!

Have a nice day :slight_smile:
Cya there!

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Sounds like a violation of the End-user licensing agreement

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These guys and their community is the reason I am still playing this game.

So many nice competitions including pvm and pvp ones, gr8 people in there with deep knowledge of the game who always rush to help.
They made me feel as if I have a net family!

Ty for everything and keep up the good work, guys! :heart_eyes:


You are welcomed :slight_smile:
I hope the admins will maintain all the hard work I did.
Sad to hear they crashed down the clone events.

Nice community, where I always can ask questions and gets answer! Because of them, I waiting the reset, to play with the together!


I was invited a couple of days after the creation of the server. I had played d2 since 2005 but never had a “community” to play with or anything like that. I joined the server without any expectations, eager to find out what I would find. I found out that this server has a lot of amazing people in it and I have made a lot of friends, some for life I would like to think. Everyone seems to be friendly and helpful so far. I can only recommend joining :upside_down_face:

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<< _(o.O)/ >> >>

Actually your part in helping the community and site of D2GM was very much appreciated by the entire team.

It saddens me that you choose to be actively malicious towards the project now, because you misinterpreted and overreacted to a concern posted by the owners in an admin channel.

  • Adams
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So, a guy who self-proclaims to be the kindest person, which is bs on its own, makes a revenge post. The irony is strong with this guy :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, I highly doubt that you did anything to help them to bring people. Me, myself, as well as many other people with whom I am talking with, decided to join the server after the owner’s invitation. I have been there since June for the reset and I have only seen 3 admins trying their best to bring more people and improve our community and those are Ev, ebony and kreata. They have done so much for us and they have asked nothing in return.

Apart from that, you are talking about members as if they were tools to brag about, whereas those 3 peeps confort us as equals and they even spend their spare time to explain things to noobs like me in the best possible way. Where were you when I was asking so many questions? Nowhere.

I would suggest you to cool your head and focus on other things from now on.

For me and tons other users, those people and OUR community have been like a family to us.

Honest & looooooong story incoming:

I wanted to make some changes in my life, I started to looking for some joy… And I realized, I need some good memories back! So, I came back from a 12 years brake from Diablo 2 at May.

It was strange feeling, last time I was a teenager, now I’m an adult… I wanted to enjoy the feelings I used to have… And I realized, there are no schoolmates who I can share the joy of the game. So I started to look for a community… First I tried to find at a big or THE trading site what everybody was speaking about in the lobby.

It was an interesting place for sure, there are all the items you can dream of… but as a trading site it was about the items, not persons…

Quite some time past, when on discord, I got an invitation link - it said D2GM… I’m always skeptical about these invitations, but I clicked on it. First, I got to a welcome channel ( as a 1 week registered Discord user it was frightening ), but with clear instructions. I was newbie, so I asked help… some stuff member helped me.
Bumm… dozen of channel pop up… wow, from the movies, memes, d2 builds, trading… It took me an hour at least till I checked most of it…
It was a strange place, felt like jump like to the rabbit hole. I don’t want to over mystifies it, but I felt that way.

So I started to look around, had some conversations, and as the time spent I realized that I start the day with Discord to check what is goin’ on there :slight_smile:

I’m quite newbie there - as joined in August, but I can say for sure, I like to be here, there are good stories, joking and sharing the joy of the game… like in the school just here and now.

So I recommend this place, if you looking for D2 fans & community too.

(Yes, I saw the messages above, know something about the guys, but I would say, the member count is at least 300 people. The community is formed by the members. And personally I didn’t get any negativity there.)

Hope you like my story, if you curious give a try… worst case scenario is you didn’t found your place here and you simply leave… but what if you find your place too, just like me?

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The real Irony is, you most likely dont know where this started.
Also, you probably didnt have access to the Clone walk section?
Or focused on the Events?

Im cooled down, but turns out “a certain someone” isnt.
But he isnt even trying to talk it out with me.
I didnt missunderstand a thing when he told me “Either you leave xxxx, or you leave d2gm”.
And I left both. :slight_smile:

Yiup–>You are really sad mr. ‘‘I am the kindest d2 player’’.
Get over it already.

Mercoory–> Holy cow!
That was a nice story, man!
Hope I am going to stay long in there so as to make more friends too!

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woot reset dec 6th xD


Those guys are holding a huge reset competition with big prizes!
Making my reset team there :slight_smile: