Diablo I multiplay is still doesn't work

I was once addicted to Diablo 1 over 20 years ago, but I didn’t pay money to Blizzard at that time. So when I saw diablo1 in the BattleNet shop, I didn’t hesitate to buy it, to buy a ticket for my memories and for BLIZZARD NORTH.

But I am so disappointed because this is simply an untested product. It is no longer suitable for today’s win10/win11 environment. I waste 3 days to connect to BN in Diablo I. Just so disappointed.

Buy the way, do you know what is the Chinese community highest agree comment ?
In the past, they heated cold rice for you, but now they serve you a bowl of sh*t.

For better Windows 10/11 support and Chinese translation you can run the game using DevilutionX. Hope that helps.

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