Diablo I in 1st person VIA A.I?!

Is there any way we think that D1 textures and the “vibe” could be ported over/reworked to be played from 1st person perspective, via AI? Have the A.I sift through the countless texture packets and stuff (to make it a “breeze” vs a grueling task of RE-building it from scratch.)

Even let the players have their own input - IE: Which “Skins” the Succubi are down in the Hellpits :drooling_face:

If we’re gonna get A.I involved though - what’s to stop us from taking other elements from games we’ve played xD, like implementing “Sneak” from Elder Scrolls franchise. Combining it with the “light radius” mechanic of Diablo I.

All this Copyright and IP stuff is getting in the way of what’s most important - OUR FUN… :dizzy_face: :joy:

As for player input on things like the skins for Succubi in the Hellpits, that could be an interesting addition! Giving players the ability to customize certain aspects of the game can enhance the overall experience and add a personal touch to their gameplay.

When it comes to implementing mechanics from other games, like the “Sneak” feature from The Elder Scrolls franchise or the “light radius” mechanic from Diablo I, it’s definitely possible to draw inspiration and combine elements to create unique gameplay experiences. However, it’s worth considering that game mechanics are often closely tied to the specific design and balance of a particular game, so adapting them seamlessly into another game can be a complex task.

Regarding copyright and intellectual property, it’s true that these legal aspects can sometimes hinder creative ideas. However, they exist to protect the rights of the original creators and ensure a fair and respectful environment for all parties involved. While it can be frustrating, it’s essential to find a balance between incorporating new elements and respecting the intellectual property of others.