Diablo 4 thoughts and suggestions

I’m a huge advocate for opening up API to allow addon/plugin/mod creation for games. The biggest appealing factor for me when it comes to games is customizability, and the most attractive features in nearly any game I’ve played has been Player Created Content on a gaming platform.

I love games like StarCraft, StarCraft II and WarCraft III for the map creation and custom/arcade game modes; Games like World of Warcraft for the interface addons; Games like overwatch, that have custom game modes and rules; Games like Minecraft, Skyrim, Fallout and ARK Survival Evolved for the Mod creation and developing communities.

Blizzard makes quality games, and I personally have purchased, and played each of them. The development teams have put a tremendous amount of time and energy into the designs and stories surrounding each title. However the player community has a resource that simply cannot be outmatched, which is the communities passion for creating, exploring and sharing Player Content on a game that they love.

The hard working employees at Blizzard HQ have a limit on time, energy, and money that are outweighed 100 fold by a passionate development community, simply because there are so many people who want to volunteer and contribute, spending countless hours on Player Created Content. I myself have spent more time creating, designing, testing and sharing, than playing because that is how I play. Blizzard can also get inspired by Player Created Content for their own ideas on game development.

For these reasons, I really want to see the Diablo universe opened up to Player Created Content. With Diablo 4, Blizzard has a great opportunity to introduce this concept into the Diablo universe. I’d like to see UI design support like WoW has (more than just a settings menu with keybindings), as well as an Arcade Mode with Custom Game and Map Creation like StarCraft II and WarCraft III have.

Overall, I’m really grateful to Blizzard for providing me with the entertainment it already has, and look forward to future releases.
Please let me know your thoughts on this suggestion.

I disagree, making it easy to mod the game also opens the door to making it easy to create hacks and bots.

it needs a off-line single player mode

My thoughts on what D4 needs!

  1. Diablo for starters it’s his game perhaps fighting Diablos Soul or something like that aka “Uber Characters” etc for end game characters.

  2. We Do NOT want cooldowns this isn’t wow…:roll_eyes: Let us spam potions, skills, town portals etc.

  3. Skill Trees/ Individual Stats

  4. Ability to trade. I didn’t mind the concept of AH but you guys couldn’t get it right…:unamused:

5)Runewords just like in D2 but instead of having a Tomb of Identify & having to identify items. Have a Recipe Tomb for all the different recipe scrolls you find for runewords.

  1. More items that work across character classes & Better Drops.

  2. Character Builds that aren’t always gear dependent it’s one of the many things that broke D3.

  3. Make Gold & Vendoring worth whilewhile better items to purchase perhaps

  4. Crafting items

  5. Charms to make each character uniquely different.

  6. Increased Stash size or “Shared Stash”/Inventory. If you combined Vanilla D2 with Path of Diablo & Pluggy it would make the perfect game.

  7. Capped Levelling 0-99

  8. Ability to change your spec

  9. That Grindy D2 feel that kept you playing for hours on end, progressively getting harder as you progress then suddenly you hit that wall!

  10. What made Diablo so beautiful was it’s endless character build options. Give us as much customisation as possible.
    STOP Dumbing the games down Blizzard!

We want our Diablo back!

Blizzard you’ve nailed the environment & that’s about it as far as I’m concerned. Otherwise it just looks like this will just be another D3.
Bring back Diablo in its truest form.
There’s a reason why People still play Diablo 2 some 20 years later… Perhaps you could do well to Replicate & Perfect what it did. Because there wasn’t alot wrong with that, don’t try to fix something that isn’t broken.