Diablo 4 - solo play

Ok guys, here we go again… Let’s see if we can actually have a decent, playable game come out of the experience we all know Blizzard dev team had when they were forced to write Diablo 3 code only being an “online” game.

I played DII DAILY when it came out, and it was ACTUALLY fun, unlike D3, because of the simple fact of it needing to “have an internet connection” to play. Absurd BTW.

So, I’m 100% sure I am not the only one who was disapointed at the development of D3.

If it matters AT ALL to Blizzard entertainment, they would pay attention to the player feedback, and make D4 single player capable, NOT meaning being able to have a “solo game” while online only, but being able to play the game in single player mode OFFLINE.
Cmon team, I shouldn’t have to be pointing this out AGAIN to you… :-/

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