Diablo 4 random disconnection from servers

Why do I even pre order a game to get the early access beta
if when I sit 30 min early to play, log in, make my character just to get kicked out and thrown into a 45 min que?? why is it so hard to release something I can play on the first try for once without having to wait behind a million people what a waist of time and money. Of course I wont be compensated for my waisted time i’m sure… so thanks.
I understand its a Beta and its used for figuring this stuff out but really…


It’s like spitting customers into their faces. Lucky You i’m in 89 minutes queue. Imagine what will be when open beta come or release date.

I understand you guys, because I experienced the same thing here. About the queue timing, I’m at 95min…

121 mins here… got to play for about 10 mins before the kick though

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4mins in game, then 94 mins line…

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Same thing happened to me. You would think after the years of doing online game releases Blizzard would know the math for resources needed for launch (Preorders X Launch servers = happy customers).


Meanwhile, twitch streamers are enjoying the game!


play for few minutes, disconnected, wait for 80 mins, play again for 5 mins, wait for 120mins++, HOW CAN I GET TO LVL 25???

under preformed again. Game good points like the maps and monsters and game over all. Terrible part disconnects over one hour cues. Disconnects. But the very worst is the never ending cinematic OMG i came to play a game and i get forced into long long and forever stuff I do not want to see. Can not ESC out of them add insult after forced into watching cinematic then get disconnect to hours long waits to get back in. God please remove these 1990 cinematic clips they destroy the game.

A good game but poorly presented. Am considering refund. I was there from D1, 2, and 3.

The point of open beta is to determin server tax estimated at full release and to explore bugs that occure in the game that developer may not have found. Long ques are to be expected ads well as disconnects. Reporting these bugs disconnects and where and how they occured helps developers avoid issues at launch. Please make sure to report all instances and things such as error codes associated with them so developers can fix these issues before official launch. The more feedback we give the sooner they can be patched and fixed.

At launch no hitches at all. Since then I have disconnected 3-4 times, of which 3 of them I was most of the way through a dungeon. Then queued for 51 - 30 minutes each time is little frustrating.

Yea even Alpha Betas early access all still have to be in a “Playable” State in order to be sold…Tos

Why are you posting about Diablo IV on the Diablo Immortal forums…