Diablo 4 (PS4) Beta Feedback

Just one digital adventurers feedback… [Level: Veteran, Class: Necromancer]

Diablo 4 has been very true to the growing legacy of being an open world action adventure dungeon crawling RPG that pushes the player through an endless sea (…and often ponds) of ravenous mobs. The graphically immersive backgrounds and game mechanics were quite addictive, despite the jumpy lag, or logging out every time a portal from a dungeon was used. Blizzard, you can just wait for the pending class action lawsuit to come for the cost of consuming my time ;). Predictably, Diablo 4 has an insane number of reasons to come back to character building based on the relatively cheap cost of reallocating individual skills and the early game ability to move unique skills from one item to another. The fact that unique abilities can only be moved to another piece of equipment once is a commitment choice I wasn’t willing to make initially, but the high drop of legendary and unique items changed my mind. To that point, it almost felt like the drop rate was too high. Having a small purse of skills garnered from the dissolved unique items at the end of the weekend beta started to kill that endorphin flooding moment of excitement when a unique item would drop. Encounter rates kept a good pace of moving though areas without long stretches of inactivity, but sadly always felt very low threat. So enjoying the overpowered character build and visual appeal of a mass of skeleton minions tearing apart the mobs was fun though monotonous at times. The limited number of slots available to assign skills is a disappointment and though a change to controls at this point is probably moot, hopefully in a future iteration of Diablo players have more assignable space to their skill tree. Recommendation: Use L2 to cycle through up to 3 skill slots. Maybe this changes in the later game, and more space becomes available or adds the ability to combine skills into a single skill. Guess we’ll know after the game is officially released on June 06.

Overall: Graphically appealing, plenty of customization, but a limited set of play style on the PS4. Still fun for hours/days/weeks… still thinking about suing.