Diablo 4 Pre-Order Upgrade

I pre-ordered the Standard Edition but I am now considering the Digital Deluxe. I see an option to upgrade to Ultimate Edition but nothing for Digital Deluxe.

If I do decide to upgrade, will I need to request for a refund first and then pre-order again?


In general, if you have pre-ordered a game and want to upgrade to a higher edition, you may not need to request a refund and re-order the game.

Instead, you may be able to upgrade to the higher edition directly through the platform or retailer where you made the original purchase. Some retailers may offer an option to upgrade your pre-order to a higher edition without needing to cancel the original pre-order.

To find out if an upgrade option is available for your pre-order, you can check with the retailer or platform where you made the purchase. You can also look for information on the game’s official website or in its support pages.

If an upgrade option is not available, you may need to cancel your original pre-order and place a new order for the higher edition. In this case, you may be able to receive a refund for the original pre-order if the retailer’s refund policy allows for it.

Again, I recommend contacting the retailer or platform where you made the original pre-order to inquire about your upgrade options and any potential refund policies. They will be able to provide you with more specific information and guidance based on their policies and procedures.

Rachel Gomez