Diablo 4 Musts please and thank you

hi just wanted to try and get my voice out there of what i would like i doubt this would help but id like to try
i prefer diablo 2 over diablo 3 as most players do but at the same time i did think diablo 3 had alot of work put into it ima list some deal breakers off for me here

#1 i dont think a 4 player game would work for me after playing diablo 2 at 8 players
then going to diablo 3 and it being for 4 players, this is a down grade for me and less interaction with players so yeah

#1 8 Player game please… or hey instead of going lower ever think of maybe going higher? i dont wanna get too crazy but what about a 10-12 player game

#2 i feel like diablo is being built for pvm player vs monster, but i have never pvm’d in diablo ever, i know people do pvm but, i would go as far to say as diablo is a pvp game

diablo is the game that invented the term " PK " = player killer

#2.b i think its cool that ur looking into pvp and having zones added etc for pvp players hey cool but i also think that that is the problem, is the " zones " i think the best part about diablo should be able to PK someone where ever they are if they are just talking smack to you…

i mean besides town of course… but yeah if im leveling with 4-8 people in a farm run working through missions and someone starts talking trash, he starts being bad mannered, he starts being racist talking about my mom and stuff like that, i dont want to report him or to stay away from him… i want to hostile him and go to the area of the map he is in and kill him… <~ pk him this right here is the best part of the game is like fredom of choice

i also think its fun when me and a friend are trying to level up and get through a mission and people come and try and kill us and a war / battle happens right there in the middle of a dungeon or at a boss fight or where ever!

#3 account bound has to go i think, i want to spend 50 hours a day in trade games just trading items with people doing nothing just trading

#4 i would say Ban-wave more often or make sure you keep up with the consistency and good work and to never let them slip through

#5 im not sure how the paragon system works now or how u have said it will work but i am not 100% sure but i think most games have caps like you can only go so high but i think something that would be unique is if u can just keep building ur paragon level, even if ur really not getting much or anything at all just so when someone sees you in 3 years, they know right away by your level that you a regular

ima stop here gl