Diablo 4 killed my computer

Computer not overclocked overheated, 3080 ti. Replaced it with my old 1080 ti, it worked for a little bit, and now nothing is working.

Same thing just happened to me… 3080ti, chapel key cinematic halfway through my desktop starts going hard with the fans and a couple seconds later my 3 monitors go black. My desktop wont start anymore… i have no idea what to do

Ive been playing off and on and it crashed my whole pc. I heard a loud beep kind of like the microwave going off and my comouter shut down. It turns on but i am scared to go back in ti the game. What an absolute dumpster fire. Evga 3090 10700k

I was really excited about playing diablo. However, my enthusiasm quickly turned into disappointment when the game crashed my Gigabyte 3080 video card not once, but twice. The crashes were so severe that I had to hard reboot to shut down completely. I have never seen my video card behave in such a way before. I was really surprised and am concerned about the damage that might have been done to my equipment. I’m not willing to risk damaging my hardware by continuing to play it. I really hope that the developers address this issue soon so that other gamers don’t have to go through the same ordeal. For now my PC boots just fine and its loading other games without crashing.

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Hi, I am trying to raise awareness to this issue, I do not believe it is a D4 issue but a driver issue. My EVGA 3090 blew up on Thursday night playing Midnight Suns. I was using 531.29 when it happened. After replacing my card I am back to running 528.49. There really seems to be an issue with 531.xx and 30xx series cards because I am seeing multiple threads about similar happening with 3080s, 3080TIs, and my 3090.

UPDATE - This is the same issue that pagued gamers when New World launched. This is not a driver or game issue but is the result of manufacturing problems by EVGA and also looks to be Gigabyte cards as well. I don’t know if any other manufactures had issues with New World but if they did you should expect those same cards to have issues with Midnight Suns and D4.

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My PC seemingly died too. Played for several hours friday night without issue, then a cutscene made my screen go blank. Computer has had issues restarting since, requiring several restarts and full manual shutdowns, before it’ll load without my screen dying. I was able to play again for about 20 minutes again friday night after the crash but today has been a nightmare getting the PC to run. Finally got it going, used it all day and decided to uninstall and reinstall D4. Jumped and and played again for about a half hour then same thing. This was after decreasing the VFX, running in window mode, updating drivers, everything folks on the web are saying. Now the PC won’t boot at all with a display. I’m running a GTX 950, which is old but within the minimum specs. The computer seems to generally be booting fine, so I can only assume the GPU is toast. God dammit…