Diablo 4 is Diablo 3 2.0

Totally gree!
Give me a D2 Remaster, then that’s it!

One of their ideas for D4 was a Dark Souls type game play, glad that was trashed

Yeah, no way they would be able to make something nearly as good as Dark Souls, and Diablo players are too scrubbish to succeed in a game that actually kills you every 3 minutes.

Who remembers the old forum troll who called D2 players scrubs?

Not just D2. Diablo in general. D1, D2, D3. They’re all players obcessed with making optimized characters that make the game easier for them. Definitely not the best audience for a soulsborne game, where the community is centered towards challenge runs and you get ridiculed and shunned if you play with a shield.

Lions don’t concern themselves with the chatter of the monkeys hiding in the trees.

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Monkeys are thriving and extremely social creatures, while the proud lions have no friends and are in danger of extinction.

Actually lions are the most social felids and are absolutely essential to a healthy ecosystem. They are Red Listed as vulnerable, which is one stage away form Not Threatened which is just another step away from Least Concern.

Monkeys on the other hand will destroy an environment without apex predators picking them off. Of the 262 species of monkeys half of them are threatened with extinction. As for the social aspect of monkeys, the great apes are no more social than lions, in fact, with the exception of East African Chimps the great apes are less social, but most monkeys are simple beta animals and are no where near as social as lions.

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The monkeys I know here in Brazil live in families and they’re pretty damn adorable. There are a few marmosets in front of my house. Cutest little devils. I’ll take cute over strong anyday.

It’s an honor to be compared to them.

Like I said, Lions don’t concern themselves with the chatter of monkeys, and in your case, neither does the Jaguar. And cute doesn’t last long, cute becomes warn out and gets replaced by the new cute, where as the strong has value it’s whole life.


If I didn’t know any better I would take from this chat that AtomicPunk is actually a closet botter! :stuck_out_tongue:

The funny thing about that is you made a YouTube video for me a couple of years ago on how to install Svens Glide Wrapper, which is your most popular video of about 28k views and you next best video has less than 50 views. I’m honoured that you’d think I’m knowledgeable enough to run a bot, but the reality is you’re giving me too much credit. The other thing is, if I was a botter, everyone would know it and I wouldn’t care what anyone said about it nor what they though about me - whether I’m legit or a cheater, I don’t care what anyone thinks. And so if you think with my 16 years of anti-bot sentiment on all three of the Diablo 2 forums and all three of the D3 forums is an indication of me being a botter… meh.

If I didn’t know any better

:stuck_out_tongue: Sarcasm does not transfer well over text :frowning:

What’s your account on west? I recently started picking it up.

I knew you were joking around.

All my accounts are dead. I’m just playing single player. 99ing a self found hc ww barb, no mods, no muling and no ladder rune words. I’m clvl 96 and going strong and easily clear on /players 8 RoF, Chaos, Nihl, Wsk1,2,3, Throne Room and Baal, which is how I’m getting all my experience.

I dont even need a remaster, just add a ton of content, occasional balance patches. I’d have no problem paying monthly for that.

d4? I’m very skeptical Blizzard will pull it off. I really enjoyed and still do the dangerous environment of d2. having someone trick me out of my account and password. PK games where they drop items next to your corpse. Showing an grandfather in trade then at last minute switching to patriarch.

things like that made the game painful but some of my best memories.

The best part was, if or better yet when you get screwed. There was literally nothing you could do, no mods to cry to no one to protect you. all you could do was make a new account and start over.

Blizzard wont do things like that they have to give the players kid gloves so the risk isn’t there. It’s not just blizzard its most games I’ve played for the past few years. Thats why I play old games like d2 over and over and over and over. its risky, it’s made well and the company didnt give a crap what the players thought they just wanted to make a killer game even if people complained to them about features or balance.

Now is opposite which is why WoW is so bad, SC2 is a total balance nightmare and I never even bought OW


They added 3x bastardized D2 classes. They don’t really look the same. The Sorc is the most acceptable version, but the Barb are Druid look completely awful.

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Yup game is going to be recycled garbo, I’m not even going to waste my time or money.

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It’s ok, no less than 1 million people will preorder w/ or w/ out us so the game industry won’t change. I was talking to a guy at work and he actually said he loves loot crates and paying money for in game stuff… lol

looks like trash. really sad to see they are sticking to the flop version style of d3 rather than going back to d2

I never played Diablo 3 so I don’t understand the hate for it really well, but the Diablo 4 trailer was what brought that nostalgia back and made me come back to D2 after so many years. I am by no means a hardcore player of the game to even understand the criticism for it, but maybe that’s not the audience Blizzard is targeting?

The people who play computer games these days isn’t the same people who played them back in those days. Most are not dedicated to it as a hobby like some of you are (which is fine, since gaming isn’t a productive thing anyway), but are willing to pay for a fun experience. I am not going to have an opinion on a game I have yet to play but is it that wrong for the game to be different? It’s a new game, it’s a different game for a different market. Most franchises have different games under the same franchise name, and the ones that recycle the same formula over and over again are usually criticized (like call of duty or whatever).

But again, I’m not saying the game won’t be bad. I’m just trying to understand the free hate for a game nobody played yet