Diablo 4 is Diablo 3 2.0

It looks like crap. By crap I mean it looks and plays like D3 but darker. They added 3 D2 characters and D2 cutscenes to cater to the D2 community, but it’s the same D3 game play and art crap, just darker.

Give me a D2 Remaster, then that’s it, I’m done with this franchise. If the mess up StarCraft 3 I’m done with this company.


Well, I imagined the D2 purists would hate it. I think that’s okay, the D2 remaster should be coming soon for people like you. They were definitely not gonna disregard the whole 7 years of Diablo 3 and their playerbase and fans.

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Diablo 4 looks awful and they’re not going to remaster D2 so dream on


You debbie-down the game now, but I guarantee you’ll be one of the first ones to pre-order it. :smile:


I’m not buying this crap.

I think you’re right. The first sentence somewhat confirms your position.

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You’re a crybaby, I’m buying Diablo IV.
It literally has nearly everything of what people from d2 asked for and you still cry…

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This is good news!

if you want to see just how much it doesn’t meet the D2 communities requirements, see the D3 forum, there are hundreds of D2 fanboys disgusted by it. The game will either be a flop or will ghost. PoE will likely own the genre for the next decade.

The current D2 community does not want this.


i have the same feeling of op

the style look gothic like d2 but the gameplay is d3 2,0 (asian style rpg )

i just hope im wrong but more video i watch just confirm my feeling , for sure for my first impression i'm very disappointed and feel blizzard are out of touch , i hope im wrong


Sadly, you are not wrong. The game is D3 recycled and the engine is the recycled D3 engine being passed off as new. It’s the same thing they have said about StarCraft Remaster and WarCraft 3 Reforge. They are calling these games brand new games because they are recoded. What they should do is make this a D3 expansion. Then Give us a D2 Remaster and another D2 expansion, then, using the D2 model make a brand new engine and D4 based on the D2 model.


i ear the game have 6 skill lock the same of d3 i guess for console :frowning: and also some skill are in countdown this is also bad compare to make slow animation and improve the speed with faster casting or improve ias item :frowning:

I just realized something.

Diablo 4 will be the first Diablo game without Diablo.

Might as well just call it Lilith.


i think AtomicPunk would of been happy if blizzard ann. that bnet being shut down and that all d2 players should just play single player

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so many paid PoE shills


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Go back to the completely dark, Gothic and desolate tone both visually and audibly of Diablo 1 and 2, leave the super colorful cartoonish stuff to WoW. I liked the dread and darkness of Diablo 1 and Diablo 2. Bring back the maturity of the game. Show rooms with eviscerated corpses. Show nudity. Show how terrifying the evils are instead of them yapping at you all day and sounding like whiny b*tches. Show don’t tell.
Get rid of that WoW dwarf character you are trying to call a druid (are you serious?). If you want diversity bring back the witch-doctor and make the Barbarian blonde haired again.
Why does Lilith look like a starving Maleficent character? Isn’t she the mother of succubi? Put some curves on her and make her sexy like all the previous artwork depicts.

TL:DR = Stop copying WoW and copy Path of Exile, Divinity Original Sin, Grim Dawn, or Titan Quest instead…


D4 Success =

*Chat Channels
*Player Made Games
*Non-AH Trading
*PvP Battlegrounds
*Ladder System


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I don’t need a Diablo 2 remaster. I’m fine with it stay how it is. The SC Remaster sucked, and I’m not going to get the WC3 Remaster. They are just remaking them to sell you skins for the same game they care nothing about and allow cheaters to run rampant on. Also, SC and WC3 have “e-sports” following still in Asia so they wanted them prettier for TV. You will never see that love for Diablo 2.

Hostile is the way to go. It’s an RPG element and fun as hell. Some of the best memories are playing hardcore ladder and some bully comes in to slay all the noobs, they kill a few but we kill them and the world is right. Good times.

Yea, the Barbarian and Druid look aweful. Let’s delete the history and iconic design of these two classes in favor of God knows what for the Barb, and some stupid Lord of the Rings Brown Wizard crap for the Druid. It’s aweful. Can’t stress enough how much I hate them. So off putting I haven’t even bothered to look into the game.

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Hopefully the mistake made on D3 are lessons used for a better future with D4 I am open to the idea of a new game with refreshing ideas lets just hope its executed correctly.