Diablo "4" Hype!

Who’s excited for the new Diablo 3 remastered release? Better cut scenes, better linear game play, graphics and artwork are more dark and sinister with a gray filter, and they kept the beloved treasure goblin!!!

I have zero faith in Blizzard Ent.

Just… No.

Even I, who like Diablo 3 a lot, think Diablo 4 is extremely uninspired.

D3, for better or worse, tried to have it’s own identity. Even if the launch was a bloody mess, even if the original game director was extremely disrespectful of the legacy of the franchise (I won’t deny that, he was a pp head), they kept working and believing in the product and improve upon it. D3 was D3 and even if I hadn’t enjoyed the game (which I did), I’d still respect the D3 team for at least sticking true to the game they made.

D4 doesn’t feel like a product they believe in. It feels like they are scared of any negative repercussion and therefore trying to “please everyone” by making a mishmash of old nostalgic things from D2 and D3. D2 fans feel insulted by it (I’d risk saying, even more so than they did by D3). D3 fans feel underwhelmed by it. It’s mediocrity all around.

Blizzard has become a meme between the modern gamers. Everyone makes fun of Blizzard.

FFXIV players make fun of WoW, PoE players make fun of D4. Destiny 2 suffered such a massive improvement after it left the hands of Activison, earning an extremely engaged fanbase. Warcraft 3 Reforged was a disaster. Nobody remembers Overwatch anymore, and not a single soul cared about the announcement of the “sequel” (which is really a standalone expansion). Heroes of the Storm is dead. Starcraft 2 is completely irrelevant in the industry. Magic the Gathering Arena is such a superior game to Hearthstone I have no idea who still plays that game.

What is left for Blizzard?

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I ask myself “Are the people making D4 the type of people who’d survive years on end on the front line of a medieval war? Or are they type of people who’d make sure everyone gets a ribbon, who think 100 human genders need to be identified and who think pregnant men deserve equal medical rights to pregnant women?”

Quack quack quack. Estrogen says to testosterone “tell me about your feelings.”

Bottom line, D4 is going to be garbage, and likely will because of dev feelings, hair colour issues and twitter outrage - gender neutrally of course.

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If it’s not made by blizzard north it’s not real

Don’t forget that new Diablo games on mobile are the future of MMO gaming. Cellphone screens and their powerful CPUs can run multiple instances of games. I am not saying that non-mobile gaming will go the way of the dodo. It is that the future is solely made up of exceptional and international community building mobile game development.

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I deleted Blizzard launcher from my PC and all the trash modern games. I will not pay this company to ruin its self and spit on a legacy of quality games. I’m content watching this train ride until it crashes and burns via classic. Some day the servers will shut down and I’ll probably not care since I barely play anymore anyway.