Diablo 4 early access

Beta says Unable to find a valid license for Diablo IV code 315306. I pre purchased for this on ps5 bit dissapointing

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The launch is scheduled for today, March 17th, 9am PST USA. Try after that time.


i have early access because i purchased the ultimate edition downloaded the beta cannot play yet why not


I am in the same boat, it is 20 mins past launch time and it’s not active. Relaunched a few times and nothing. I am guessing they are just late


no option to install game yet. its past 9am pst. why did we pay for early access when we cant get early access?


In now! Waiting in login queue

Hello all…

Please note that the new Diablo IV forums are now up and running; you should be using those:

its 10 n my wait is 103 mins

Pre-ordered at best buy for the playstation 5 and have not received my beta code for diablo 4. I was told by the rep none of their customers who pre-ordered from them got their codes and said it was on your end and would like to know when is this problem going to be resolves. Been looking forward to playing this all week and now those of us who didn’t get it digital are getting shafted.

@ChronoTriggr: Hi,

This forum is for technical support on Blizzard’s Classic Games… Diablo II (2000) mostly.

There are instructions on how to download the Diablo IV Beta on a PlayStation… here:

If that doesn’t work for you, please post on the D4 Playstation Technical Support forum, not here.

Thanks for taking your time to post. But I pre-ordered mine from best buy for the playstation 5. I am waiting on a email from best buy for my beta code and a best buy rep said that blizzard sent them beta codes that were not working and none of best buys customers had got theirs yet. This is something on your company’s end and most of us who pre-ordered from them might not even get the chance to play the open beta and I cannot play next week due to a busy work schedule.

Are you sure you need a code ?

According to Your Guide to the Diablo IV Open Beta — Diablo IV — Blizzard News, there is a process to redeem a code if you have one.

It also says:

If you pre-purchased the game digitally, Early Access to the Open Beta will be automatically available on the platform you pre-purchased for—no further action is required of you.

I pre-ordered it at best buy. It’s physical copy not a digital copy dude.

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