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I seem to be unable to post about Diablo 4 anymore and nobody is discussing it now (cause there’s nothing new). I suspect Blizzard just got tired of listening to D2 fans after the last quarterly update and silenced several of us. Hilarious. Not that I had anything further to post cause there isn’t anything new but I also wasn’t fighting or antagonizing anyone.

They are just like, well we’re tired of you, go away. But come back in a few months and give us feedback again please. It seems pointless to give them feedback cause they ignore it and reskin Diablo 3. When Blizzard North dissolved all Diablo design expertise went with it, all we have our WoW designers.

Maybe I’ll withhold feedback and give them the echo chamber they want. They don’t pay me to come up with feedback and I was doing it solely because Diablo 2 is my favorite.

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As long as the game has a good story, has plenty of things to do for both campaign and endgame, the EULA is enforced (specifically for cheating/exploits) and most importantly they don’t end up making the game so mind-numbingly easy that I can play it in my sleep like they did with Diablo 3, I’ll be a happy camper.

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No off-line single player equals garbage


If people didn’t pirate software, the requirement for online-only wouldn’t have become a reality.

Off-line single player that can go online after cheating equals garbage.


Last update had many encouraging details, like how the shared world works for you as you progress. How you are alone before clearing an overrun village, which then becomes a hub village where you’ll see a few players going around shops and talking to NPCs. How you’ll rarely meet someone on the road, but once in a while a random player will be seen. How you’ll suddenly find a group of players fighting off a world boss or a pack of cannibals.

The presence of stats like crushing blow and reduce % damage is displayed on the items they showed off, signaling a return of some stats we’ll want to hunt for besides critical dmg/rate and attack speed, and making clear that some items with be made to complement builds. Much like D2

That they hinted at a revamped skill tree is also welcomed. It was a huge letdown when we saw the oversimplified tree in the demo.

Now I just hope they’ll rethink the way runes currently work in D4, perhaps keep most runes as they are but make magic items that can roll more sockets on which you could make a runeword (4 to 6 sockets). Making runewords dependant on finding magic items with that particular prefix.

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I’m not very optimistic. The combat looks like Diablo 3, the char models look like Diablo 3, and the loot looks like it will scale. It looks like a boring, linear snooze fest.

I am going to not buy Diablo 4 so fast if it’s not a lot more like D2. Can’t wait, Diablo 3 is stupid af. Paragons, linear progress, skill bars, I’m the eff out of that bs. Destruction and incompetency.

To top it off, I’m tired of being crapped on for being angry about Diablo 3. That game is total garbage and I think people that defend it as superior to D2 are mentally dull or ignorant. Blizzard comes in and loads shovels of crap on you as well for reviling the game. They don’t allow people to speak their mind because it may be offensive to mentally dull snow flakes. They may not ban you immediately, but they see you and it’s coming over your next innocuous post while D3 scum barrages you with insults and remain in the forums.

I am sure that certain games appeal to different IQs and I think players that like D3 aren’t pushing 110 and higher. The game feels like smashing your head into a brick wall cause you need to be brain dead to enjoy it. There is literally no point to playing it (I mean, there’s no point to playing any video game but for D3 it’s an arcade game that puts you in a box designed by the devs. The beginning of the game is pointless cause there’s no gear to find that is useful for more than an hour and the end of the game is pointless cause the gear is given to you. Furthermore, paragons system is horrible. The loot begs for a skill so copy the build from ladder and grind endless paragons? What a stupid game. What challenges do I need to overcome? Endless scaling of monsters hahahaha? Where’s my carrot? An ancient item that has slightly higher stats? I told you all lvl 60 was effing stupid before you released it. I was right and you all released paragon bandaids which are stupid as well.)

I’m just so mad about Diablo 3 (and 4 it appears). /rantover I feel a bit better. Go ahead, make “rare” “legendaries”, paragons, crap runes, skill bars, D3 clunk run models and aspect, SEE HOW FAST I DON’T BUY YOUR CRAPPY GAME. Good thing you all have the WoW team working on it, it’s sure to suck butt like Diablo 3.


Yeah I posted a while back in the D3 forums about wanting the option to play vanilla D3. Of course I got a load of :poop: from the majority of the D3 fanboys. There were a few who agreed though, so not everyone is lost. :rofl:

Yeah it sucks that Diablo 3 went the way it did. I do agree that vanilla was very difficult, but it was so much more rewarding when you found something that was useful. Now Diablo 3 literally rains you with so many items. Once you get a full set, you’re literally catapulted to a T10+ playable status with T16 fast approaching as long as you know what items supplement your current set.

After Loot 2.0/RoS, Diablo 3 has evolved into a game that keeps the average simpleton in suspense with an overload of items.

One can only hope that D4 maintains a standardized level of difficulty that Diablo 2 offers. I hope Blizzard learned their lesson about what happens to a game when you let the power creep grow so huge that there is no turning back. I will be skeptical about purchasing D4, if at all.

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Diablo 4 has very little hope for me. Sadly, all modern games look the same. Same angles, same pretty sparkly abilities.

Honestly, it will be same crap as D3.
Just go play Wolcen. Good game actually. Same as Diablo 4 ought to be. Same concepts, same graphics, and wouldn’t be surprised, if same mechanics.

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Ya, actually the game was more fun at the beginning when nobody ever found uniques. When uniques were still called uniques. Everybody hit the Act/2/3/4 walls and progress was tough.

The problem with vanilla is that there didn’t seem to be any clear paths to progress. There really weren’t any or even a few items that you needed to find that could put you over the hump (such as spirit, stealth, lionheart, rhyme, various uniques in D2). I played quite a bit of Diablo 3 and the only items I can tell you that are in the game are Leoric’s Crown (I hate that this drops everytime, this is terrible for gameplay) and Stormshield. Items didn’t drop very often (almost never) but they didn’t seem very unique or interesting either. I never thought “I just need to get x, y, or z item and things will be a lot better” because items weren’t unique enough to really change your power much, just like a rare item. It just seemed like you had to go to the AH or find marginally better rares.

Plus everything got dumbed down from D2 so it really just piled it on. Runes, charms, jewels all gone and now you can only choose 6 skills. Auras, curses, charges, all of the affixes, monster immunities, all just gone and nothing good replaced them.

Finally D3s multiplayer was a big downgrade compared to D2.


How are the characters looking like those in D3? There’s more than one look for every class XD Everyone know we had a black barbarian in D3… right? https://cdn.mos.cms.futurecdn.net/NwJaZuboysVZbkpHBNfg4X-650-80.jpg.webp

There’s not endless paragon leveling in D4… one guy said he didn’t hate the idea and people rolled with it as if it was confirmed… There’s no rifts… you grind in the map and there are dungeons here and there with better loot.

No confirmation that items scale with you as you level… In fact, none of the items we saw are going to be the way we saw them in the demo…

linear progression? There nothing more linear than the way D2 handles progression… even grinding is all about doing the same sh!t over and over… I like D2, but it would be a stretch to say your experience can be different from one playthrough to another.

The skills, yeah I agree… Not enough skills we can use, but that’s the compromise made with every game available on console. That’s not going to change, unless Blizzard starts making their own controllers with a ton of added buttons

Wolcen makes you think you can make tons of builds, but then you get to the end game and you realize that you really can’t… theres only a few paths you can take with the skill tree to really make a good character. And the end game is kinda meh, not gonna lie.

It appears items will scale linearly (not the items themselves scaling, but the power of items as you level/progress so you will never find the equivalent of a rare NM item such as HoZ that is great at end game because the affixes will be too low of a level in D4. All end game gear will have to be found in the end game with what they’re showing.). The legendary items are now just a rare item that rolls a legendary affix. As a result, you will never find an item at lower levels that is useful for a long time or later in the game because the non legendary affixes will be low level non unique affixes.

I don’t think D2 is linear at all. I can find end game items anywhere in the world at any level (hotspur, gull dagger, 5res all scs, tals ammys, runes, all the uniques that drop in NM). I don’t have to be level 60 to find items that are useful at level 60.

Additionally, the leveling is much slower until about level 25 then slows again at the mid 70s. So the leveling pace isn’t linear.

Finally, the power level of heroes isn’t linear. Almost every character starts at some power level, gets really strong through NM, and then their power wanes again when starting hell.

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again where did you see that items will be handled the same way they were in D3? There’s literally no info about that. That’s all speculation at this point

Yes D2’s progression is linear… Making leveling slower for a couple of level doesn’t make it less linear… Finding items in nightmare that you’ll maybe use until your build is finished doesn’t change anything either… You start in Act 1, you must follow a strict route until you finish the game and once you do finish the game you farm the same spots over and over… No one wastes time farming an area with low ilvl drops…

Do we really want another game that make you do the same content 3 times, but slightly harder everytime? I’d rather have an ever expanding map with new content added over the years.

I play D2 for 3-4 weeks every ladder season, but I get bored quickly… Once I have a fully geared character, I don’t see the point in continuing. I played that game for over a decade, so the last thing I want is for D4 to be a carbon copy of D2.

The quarterly updates. Look at the unique items they found from Q2. I think they talk about uniques a bit in Q1 as weell.

Actually it does, linear is a straight slope.

No, we don’t need that. But we also don’t need 20 difficulties.

Don’t bot, trade (except for an anni) and play hc. You won’t finish up the game that quickly.

read the new quartely update… BTW the game isnt even in alpha right now…
They clearly said you can skip areas and playing the game in the order you want to some extent.

The items you saw in Q1 and Q2 or even Q3 and Q4 are all examples… they are testing the water to see what people want or like. If you read the updates, you know that

Progression isn’t about having to kill a few more monsters to lvl up for 10 levels and then be back to leveling faster… Progression is about the game itself, the content, the order in which you do things and the pace at which things are done. If all you care about is the pace, then yeah… I guess D2 isn’t linear

I believe my eyes. Until they show something else with the uniques, they’re a legendary affix on a rare. Thus linear itemization.

You can hope some of these things will change but it’s unlikely.

This is kind of cool. They did this in the last WoW expansion.

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Then your eyes aren’t good, because everyone who got a unique in the demo had the same item with the exact same stats…

Last update



Looks like a rare with a legendary affix.

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And how are D2 item different? Same type of stats found on rare items… Just bigger numbers and the possibility of getting a + all skills

You operate under the assumption that all stats are randomized like in D3, which isn’t something we saw either in the demo or in their quartely updates.