Diablo 4 Crash Bug

Diablo 4 is constantly restarting my computer.
I have checked all drivers are up to date.
I have employed all strategies to limit fps and strain on GPU.
I have reinstalled the game.
The game is unplayable for me now with it restarting my computer 100% of the time before even reaching character select.
Also, how do you not even have a category for reporting D4 bugs yet?


Enjoy !

The forum you are posting on is to provide feedback on the Beta version of the Battle.Net Desktop App (the “launcher”); it is the wrong forum for feedback / issues / bugs on specific games.

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U`re ok dude) Believe me. And I have lost today my videocard, thanks to Diablo IV beta =(

i got to cavasu cant pronounce main city game kicked me out havent been able to get back in guess my little peon wont get back in all ready dropped my cion

Game crashes to desktop for me. It loads, starts rendering the diablo 4 splash, then after about 2-3 seconds, crash.

just my 2 cents here if you do not fix the LAG issues and the constant crashing good luck getting people too play HC toons if it was not too late i would be seeking a refund for sure

Again… this is not the appropriate forum for Diablo IV.

The forums for Diablo IV are listed here:


If you think you have encountered a bug, please use one of the Bug Report forums here: https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/d4/ ; each platform has its own Bug Report forum.

Good luck in your games !