Diablo 4 - Code 316719

Was in the game for a few minutes then got disconnected. Received multiple error codes the first few attempts trying to get back in. Now all I get is “Code 316719.”


same here, never got back into game again from there, but if you quitted and tried reconnecting…Booom~~you are in 94mins lines…


I gave up and went into a 60 minute queue only to be kicked out right at the 60 minute mark and forced into a 115 minute queue. 0/10 would not recommend D4 to anyone I know at this point

What does Code 316719 mean? Will I ever be let back into the game?

It’s the new Error 37! Ten years later and things are still the same, <3 Blizz >.<

Go report it on the Diablo IV forums then…