Diablo 4 Beta Test on Xbox

Hi I have played the Beta on Xbox version and found only 1 issue other than the crashes on start. The 1 issuse is the controller scheme of things. Instead of complaining Ive took upon myself purchased Xbox Controller Elite 2 to play this game cause it had paddles the way the ui works on this game is still like only good for mouse and keyboard. The Elite 2 made a huge diffrence in that but only if these controllers were added in with the purchase of this game I would found it easier to obtain controller works perfect with this game. The only 1 question I need to ask is yall should fix your premotions to benifit the customer by working with Microsoft in giving out controllers with paddles on the back of them that isnt hard to add I hope? I hope this isnt offensive for your premotion team cause that right here will knock out 2 birds with one stone decent premotion console players will play better and people will buy the upgrade version.