Diablo 4 Attack BUG with Barbarian

It appears you don’t have a General Diablo 4 discussion going so I figured I’d leave this right here.

I seem to have come across a BUG while playing the Barbarian. So far the Necromancer, Sorceress and Rouge all seem to be BUG free. While playing the Barbarian I’ve noticed there seems to be a damage issue while attacking. It seems the normal Rouge and Sorceress quota of three strikes to execute a target (Basic Target) are tripled and some times even fives times the amount when attacking with the Barb. I mean, pretty sure it should take an average of seven bashes with a two handed maul to crush a skull. This problem is definitely not noticeable in the necromancer as I’m able to watch my dainty skeletons massacre everything in their path. I’ve also noticed a lot of skills that say when “Berserker” is active… but can’t seem to find any way enact some form of “Berserker” which would obviously take my seven skull bashes down to a more favorable five. I mean let’s be realistic here. The master at arms constantly having to go through his health potions to slaughter a handful of enemies definitely has to be some sort of BUG…right?! RIGHT!!!

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Necro is definitely stronger but I didn’t have any problems with my barb. She cleared just fine. was one of my quickest to 25 this weekend

I didn’t get a chance to play either of them, although tbh my first choice was going to be a barb except it bugged out on the customization screen. So I was content with the agile rogue and was able to run through the first part.
Neat cavern, shady bar setting, and the impending scare from getting jumped by hell bores makes it genuine enough.