Diablo 4 Argentina - Scam

They are charging Diablo 4 more expensive in Argentina than in the US or in any other country…

The official dollar is $219 pesos / $16,000 pesos (current cost of Diablo 4), it is U$75 dollars (Base edition)… What happen Blizzard? They are selling the game more expensive in a third world country than in a first world one. I don’t think many people buy it by stealing them like that.


If I search for US Dollar to Argentine Pesos conversion…
That shows a current exchange rate of 1 USD = 209.41 Argentine Pesos.
Putting in $75, the conversion comes out at 15,705.84 Pesos.

There’s obviously the possibility for slight fluctuations in exchange rates but the difference between 16,000 Pesos and 15705.84 Pesos is 294.16 Pesos, i.e. about 1.8% more expensive than the direct USD to Pesos conversion, i.e. less than $1.50 difference.

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nos estan matando con el precio! hagan un sistema de suscripcion mensual para sud america no podemos pagar tanto!!


You’re forgetting we have 75% tax on these kind of purchases. Making the final price around AR$28000, or $120 dollars

no you haven’t. €70 for standard edition is with VAT fee.

Taxes are your problem, not blizzards. The price of a product is the price of the product regardless of regional taxes. Complain to your government.

I’m sorry to hear that you’re experiencing pricing discrepancies for Diablo 4 in Argentina. As an AI language model, I don’t have access to the specific pricing policies or strategies of Blizzard or other game companies. However, I can offer some general insights that may be helpful.

Pricing for games and other products can vary widely depending on a number of factors, including local market conditions, currency exchange rates, and taxes or tariffs imposed by governments. These factors can affect the cost of producing and distributing the game, as well as the purchasing power of local consumers.

It’s also worth noting that different regions may have different pricing strategies based on various factors such as market competition, regional taxes, and cost of living. Companies may also offer pricing promotions in certain regions or for specific customer segments.

If you believe that the pricing of Diablo 4 in Argentina is unfairly high or discriminatory, you may want to contact Blizzard customer support or your local consumer protection agency to inquire about the pricing policies or report any concerns you may have.

I hope this information is helpful to you, and I’m sorry that I cannot provide more specific advice or assistance on this matter.

Rachel Gomez

Hi, I’m also from Argentina and I’ve been saving for a year to buy Diablo 4… adding credit to my battlenet account… I have holes in my panties… some time ago they increased the price of Diablo 4… and today I wanted to add the balance that was missing to buy the game… but I can’t add more balance because I exceeded the maximum and even so it’s not enough for the base version of the game… please don’t be evil and equal the maximum balance of the game account according to the products they offer…

Not really, Steam games are far cheaper for Argentina than EEUU.

Complain to the corrupt socialist governments that you keep electing.

TLDR; Dont buy it. Wait for a discount.

The community will be there and also accumulative patches fixing bugs / balance. Who dies if you miss one season?

Your savings should be invested, not in digital wallets that offer no interest.

What you should do, if you cant afford the price of the game for our region/country, is NOT PAY for it, wait for some pirated version if you cant control yourself, or if you dont want to break the law, wait. If several argentinian players do the same, the marketing team will evaluate the drop and maybe, just maybe create some promo or reduction, all while try to make you pay the regular price for months, as any product. Maybe they won’t bother, because the region is negligible compared with other markets.

Let´s be honest. You can´t trust in the official rate of change between USD / ARS defined by the government. Its a ficticious value that is every time harder to mantain (we mantain it with debt or reducing reserves from the central bank)

What the company is doing is inflating the price using a more realistic Rate for coverage given our numbers.

First of all, as an Argentinean myself, I friendly suggest you be more kind and polite.
Brasil chose Lula and Bolsonaro, also Fujimori, Menem, and who knows what next clown will be here in power soon.

Regrettably, you are absolutely correct. The supposed socialist they impose, is just a scam to allow them to rewrite the history, and specially, to avoid going to prison.

That populism only makes investors go away, and the local industries to collapse or stagnate.

They used the same excuse as Fidel Castro did: The US and the FMI are the responsable. They are the enemy! (next day, they ask more money borrowed to them). They are bad copied cartoon characters.

And the people believes that phallacy. Its always somebody else’s fault.
The reality is harsh: we are bad because we are corrupt, we cut corners, and because everyone thinks that’s how it is and it will never change.

Ayn Rand refered to those people as “the Looters”. Imagine why.