Diablo 4 adjustments addons and or improvements

bought diablo 4, not challenging enough, easy mode on game. and lots of farming for no reason. in comparison to d3 game lacking luster and not as well tuned as d3. serious whats the hype. paragon point distribution and characters.
the game is lacking many positives.

*difficulty levels
*Team play at min 4 and max 6
*resources unbalanced
*character classes lacking
*difficulty tree - introduction of chaotic realm no limit - aka from nightmare to insane and then progressing to a level of chaos
*ranking boards for area, teams, levels , gear, etc.
*keys for chaos realms obtainable through pairing to 3 or more people and not 1, with difficulty in what type of keys are dispensed.
*items have a multiplicative numbers whether a positive or negative and the values require rethinking as they are combined for the desired result.
*maps have an additional component - gold purchase followers or friends/guild members as followers

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